Omer MIX 3D 3mm Wetsuit Review

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Omer 3D Camouflage Wetsuit

Omer Mix 3D 3mm Two Piece Wetsuit Review

In this article, we take a look at the wetsuit that became a legend in 2014 when it came out. The Omer company had high hopes for it because of the whole range of technical solutions that they decided to put into this suit. In this article, we will talk about the Omer Mix 3D costume. Let’s scroll down and see what this wetsuit has been able to impress many divers with and why it is so popular to this day!

Main Feature of the Wetsuit

Usually, wetsuits are made either completely monotonous or some specific camouflage shade. But looking at the photo of this suit or taking it out of the package, you will immediately notice that it is painted in different camouflage on different parts of the body. This is perhaps the most visible and unique part of this wetsuit. But why is this so important?

According to Omer’s designers, this camouflage is chosen in such a way that from the point of view of fish that have light vision (almost all fish that have bones), this type of camouflage is not perceived as a single object, but breaks into separate layers of light. Therefore, the fish does not see the underwater hunter as a whole, but only its parts. Accordingly, in this suit, the fish will not perceive you as a large object that can be dangerous. This means that it will be easier for you to get close to the fish, which is not the optimal distance for a shot, and it will be harder to spit it. You won’t hunt sharks and rays in this suit, as they have a black and white vision and there will be no point in camouflage in it, but fortunately, I don’t hunt them.

Thanks to such solutions, the popularity of camouflage wetsuits has increased greatly over the past 7 years. And if earlier underwater hunters were not very willing to buy camouflage wetsuits, preferring black or dark blue one-color models, now the situation is about 50/50 and camouflage suits occupy almost half of the market.

Omer 3D Camouflage – Review

Now let’s move on to the wetsuit itself and see what’s inside the box.

Omer Mix 3d Wetsuit


Let’s start with the most basic – with the configuration in which this suit comes. The equipment here is the most common, the suit comes in two packages, the jacket and pants are separate. Also, the seller additionally packed it in bubble wrap so that nothing happened to the suit during transportation. The package is sealed with tape, opening very quickly and easily. After taking it out of the package, you will see that the jacket and pants are in an additional layer of wrapping paper, which made me happy. The pants have a foam roller that protects them from dents, and the jacket has a transport lining so that the clips on the jacket do not push through the delicate neoprene. The wetsuit arrived very clean, neatly packaged, and compactly folded.

The Pants

Pants in wetsuits are long and short. This model has short pants. Someone is more comfortable in long ones, someone in short ones, so here choose what is comfortable for you personally. In the upper part, there is a seal made of natural latex, which protects you from water ingress and freezing. The same extremely soft obturation is on the ankles.

The material on the pants is very soft, very stretchy, very easy to put on, and off. Besides, almost the entire area of the shin and knee are protective polymer pads, which will significantly increase the life of your suit and allow you to hit your knee somewhere or sit on it without making a hole in your pants.

On the left is the Omer logo, which, when exposed to sunlight, begins to play with colors and looks like it is a little away from the pants. Therefore, this model was called 3D. Of course, this has nothing to do with spearfishing, but just a nice feature.

The Jacket

The colors of the camouflage on the jacket are even more varied than on the pants, there is some kind of earth, grass, and a neutral black and blue color. All so that the fish does not see us in its entirety.

Again, the carpal obturation here is very soft and pleasant to the touch. On the stomach, there is a protective overlay made of very dense material with the cover. I have tried loading several of my spearguns with this pad and I can tell you for sure that the butt of a speargun will never slip off this pad. The name of the Omer Mix 3D suit is printed on the sleeve.

The most distinctive feature of a wetsuit jacket is the hood. The back of the hood in this suit is fabric. This gives us a certain rigidity so that the suit does not tear or wear out. And the front is made entirely of bare neoprene with smooth skin. Why is it so useful?

If you’re using a wetsuit in freshwater, you’re usually hunting in shallow water. And for quite a long time you swim along the surface of the water at a shallow depth, observing what is happening at the bottom or nearby. During the dive, your head is down and your muscles are not stressed. But when you swim along the surface of the water, your head is up and you experience tremendous tension.

The muscles of the neck and jaw are very heavily loaded. When the hood is completely made of neoprene, then the jaw part pulls you down, the back of the head also interferes with you and pushes your head down. And already after 40-60 minutes of spearfishing, the neck and jaw will get enormously tired. You will begin to compensate for the fatigue of the neck muscles with the shoulder and pectoral muscles.

And this means that the breath-hold will decrease, the level of comfort will decrease, and fatigue will only increase. That’s why the Omer Mix 3D has a cloth back instead of a neoprene head so your neck and jaw don’t get as tired as you swim on the surface.

I will not say that because of this, the fish will swim right at you thanks to the fabric material on the hood. But it will be much more convenient for you to hunt. The level of comfort increases exponentially. You will be less distracted by the fact that you are uncomfortable here, here the muscles are tired and you need to turn your head to rest, and at this time the fish swam behind you, and you did not look at it. Therefore, the fewer problems your equipment brings to you, the more attention and strength you have left for hunting. Therefore, from my point of view, this innovation is very important and very necessary.

The fabric part at the back of the head is also a valve, with an inlet and an outlet. But on the ears of fabric inserts, alas, no.

Pros and Cons – Omer Wetsuit

Omer 3D Multicolor Wetsuit

  • Very soft and pleasant fit
  • High-quality design that does not allow the fish to see the diver as a whole
  • Hood with fabric insert for less strain on muscles
  • Protective insert on knees and shins
  • Special pad for loading a speargun on the stomach
  • Price-quality ratio
  • Suitable for freshwater diving
  • Nice packaging
  • Not suitable for very cold diving
  • High waist pants are not for everyone

How do you make a wetsuit dryer?

Here is a helpful video to help you make a dryer for your wetsuit.

DIY Wetsuit Dryer Hanger

How do you make a wetsuit rack?

DIY Wetsuit Hanger

Omer MIX 3D 3mm Wetsuit FAQ

In this section, you can find the most frequently asked questions that I have received from users regarding Omer suits or wetsuits. I especially collected everything for you in one section.

Is it better for a wetsuit to be too big or too small?

A wetsuit should:

  • Be light, strong, and durable;
  • Do not restrict movement;
  • Reliably retain heat inside the suit.

An underwater hunter can spend more time in the water without dynamic movements. Therefore, heat resistance comes to the fore. Therefore, if the size of a wetsuit for swimming can be the same as yours, then for spearfishing, the size should be slightly smaller. There mustn’t be too much space between the body and the suit, which will fill with cold water and not a warm-up.

How do you size a wetsuit online?

All popular manufacturers of wetsuits place on their websites or on the sites where they sell their goods, dimensional grids, according to which you can easily choose a suit for yourself. As a rule, it is enough to take measurements: chest, waist, hips, know your height and weight. Less commonly, neck, head, ankle bones, etc. may be required. More detailed dimensions – only better for you. This means that you will have much more chances and opportunities to find a suit that will fit you perfectly.

As a general rule, priority is given to the height and girth of the chest. If your size falls between the manufacturer’s sizes, choose the smaller size. The exception is XCEL wetsuits. They recommend choosing a larger size in this situation.

For tall people, special intermediate sizes are made such as MT (M-tall) or LT (L-tall), for short people, on the contrary, MS (M-short) or LS (L-short). The problem is that stores rarely think about it and bring in such unpopular sizes. Finding them is hard.

How do you read a wetsuit size?
Determining the size of a wetsuit according to the table can be difficult, especially for the first time. The first two important factors that you should focus on are height and weight. Then comes the bust. Rely on these three factors, because if, for example, your chest circumference is larger, then it will be difficult for you to put on a wetsuit. It will rub hard on your armpits and arms and it will be difficult to row, and this is very important for an underwater hunter.
How tight should a wetsuit fit?
A lot of divers like to use the expression “a suit should fit like a second skin”. This means that the suit must fit snugly. But not so much as to hinder your movements or cause inconvenience. If you have a jacket with long sleeves, then they should be about the length of the wrist bone or a little higher. On pants, they should be slightly above the ankle. And no gaps, rolls, or lumps of neoprene, or the suit simply won’t work properly in the water.
Does a wetsuit stretch over time?
Yes, neoprene stretches when wet and stretches over time.
Is it ok to pee in a wetsuit?
There are many myths that urine will corrode and destroy your wetsuit for a few hundred dollars. Actually, it is not. Urine will not corrode a modern wetsuit, and it will not harm the seams either. But the bad smell will remain if you don’t wash it properly and dry it afterward. You should not hold back, because it only harms the body underwater and at low temperatures, especially the female body.
Do you wear anything under a wetsuit?
Wetsuits are made to keep you warm without any clothes on. Therefore, many spearfishers leave only a swimsuit or shorts for swimming.
What does a girl wear under a wetsuit?
Almost all female divers wear a swimsuit or sports bra and shorts under their wetsuit. The main thing is not to wear something cotton under the bottom, because wet cotton cuts the skin very much.
Do you put a wetsuit on wet or dry?
I recommend wearing the suit only on dry skin. Because any attempt to put a suit on a wet body takes 5-10 times longer and is just a nightmare. It’s better to dry yourself in the sun for a few minutes, or dry off with a towel and get into your suit instead of trying to put on the always sticky and stuck neoprene on yourself.
How do you make a wetsuit warmer?
How warm you feel in a wetsuit depends on 2 parameters – thickness and fit. So make sure the suit fits snugly and is the right thickness. In a suit that is too big for you, you will quickly freeze. The same can be said about a 3 mm suit in which you are going to dive into water of 0 degrees.
Do wetsuits really keep you warm?
Yes, a wetsuit does keep your body warm due to the physical properties of the suit and the materials it is made from. Neoprene, from which most wetsuits are made, has nitrogen bubbles in its structure, which makes it a good thermal insulator. Many suites also include nylon and additional thermal insulation materials.
Do wetsuits prevent hypothermia?
Initially, wetsuits were developed to prevent hypothermia and the death of a human. Coldwater draws heat from your body much faster than the coldest frost and air. Immersion in even warm water can lead to hypothermia and health problems. Wetsuits trap a minimal layer of water inside the suit and isolate that water from contact with the surrounding cold water, thus preventing heat loss. Drysuits do not allow water to enter the suit at all and have even better thermal insulation properties.
How long does it take to warm up in a wetsuit?
On average, in a wetsuit, it takes plus or minus 10 minutes for the water to warm up to close to your body temperature. In dry suits, this happens even faster – 5-7 minutes.
Can I dry my wetsuit in the dryer?
Never put your suit in the dryer. There are too high temperatures that can easily damage the delicate neoprene. It is better to use special wetsuit dryers or make your own.

In Conclusion

For the money, this suit is very good. It takes all the work of keeping spearfisher warm and comfortable and allows you to fully focus on finding and catching fish. Omer thought of almost everything here: a nice design that hides you from fish, comfortable and high-quality neoprene, good quality seams, nothing scratches or clings to the skin, and of course, convenience and wearing comfort. This is one of the suits that every spearfisher should try. If you choose Omer Mix 3D, then you choose quality and durability.

Have good spearfishing!

Omer Neoprene Spearfishing Suit for Men

Sergio Smirnoff
Sergio Smirnoff
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Artonium Insish
Artonium Insish
9 months ago

I recently got my hands on the Omer Mix 3D 3mm wetsuit, and I have to say, it’s the perfect suit for spearfishing. The camouflage is top-notch and proven to be effective in making you blend in with the environment, allowing you to approach your prey unnoticed. The 3mm thickness is great for moderate-temperature waters, providing ample protection.

What sets this neoprene suit apart is the open-cell inside, which makes it soft, flexible, and comfortable to wear. The elastic lining on the outside ensures a snug fit. The jacket features a long loading reinforcement on the sternum, while the hood has a system to expel air when you wear it.

The pants also have knee reinforcements, adding to the suit’s durability. The double clip on the beaver tail makes it easy to wear and take off. What’s unique about this suit is the mimetic pattern, which features two different images of the seabed. This design confuses the prey and makes it difficult for them to identify you as a threat.

The top-level finishing and new chest pad reinforcement make this suit comfortable and easy to wear, even when using long spearguns. Overall, I highly recommend the Omer Mix 3D 3mm wetsuit for anyone looking for a reliable and effective suit for their spearfishing adventures.

Drustel Nzilyna
Drustel Nzilyna
9 months ago

In my opinion, choosing a wetsuit thickness depends on personal preference and how much you feel the cold. I once saw a website that had two temperature ranges for each thickness, which makes sense since people have different tolerances to cold water.

However, the fit of the wetsuit is also important. If it fits well, you can wear it in fairly cold water. I have personally worn my 5mm wetsuit in 8-degree water and felt comfortable, although I couldn’t stay in all day. On the other hand, I’ve worn it in 22-degree water, and felt too warm.

It’s important to consider your body temperature when you get in the water. If you’re hot when you get into warm water, you might overheat, and if you’re cold and get into cold water, you won’t last long.

Speaking of fit, the Omer Mix 3D 3mm wetsuit fits me pretty well. I’m a big guy with wide shoulders and hands, so I went for size #6 (XXL). Even though I’m 183cm tall and the suit is 186cm+, it still fits comfortably.

Grithin Saaq
Grithin Saaq
9 months ago

The thickness of a wetsuit is a personal preference, as everyone feels the cold differently. I’ve seen sites that recommend different temperature ranges for each thickness, which makes sense. Fit is also important when it comes to warmth. If the wetsuit fits well, you can wear it in colder water. 

For instance, I wear my 5mm wetsuit in 8-degree water, although I can’t stay in all day. I’ve also worn it in 22-degree water and found it too warm. How warm or cold you are when you enter the water also affects how long you can stay in.

For me, the Omer Mix 3D 3mm wetsuit fits well since I’m a big guy with wide shoulders and hands. I took the XXL size, which compensates for my 183cm height since the suit is 186cm+.

In England, a 3mm wetsuit is usually enough for summer surfing, and if it’s really warm, a shorty will do. However, I surf in the North Sea and wear a 5/4 (or 5/3) wetsuit all year round. Although I could wear a 3mm now, the 5mm is still fine. It’s never THAT warm in my part of the sea anyway. That being said, it is nice to be able to surf in a shorty since they’re so much easier to take off and put on again.

Last weekend, I wore a 3/2mm shorty in Cornwall, and I was too hot. The sea temperature was apparently much warmer than average, though. Since I’ll be surfing in colder water from September to November, I’m thinking of buying a slightly warmer full suit.

Tandorium Zayita
Tandorium Zayita
9 months ago

This Omer Mix 3D 3mm wetsuit is a real game-changer for spearfishing enthusiasts out there! I was amazed by its mimetic pattern that is designed to provide the ultimate camouflage underwater. This is achieved through the use of two different images of the seabed, making it more difficult for prey to identify you.

The wetsuit is made of open-cell neoprene on the inside and Nylon on the outside, which provides a soft, flexible, and mobile feel while offering excellent adherence to the body. The thickness of 3mm makes it perfect for moderate-temperature waters.

I was impressed with the top-level finishing of this wetsuit, which comes with a hood that features a purge system and is partially made with open cell/smooth skin neoprene to provide better comfort. Additionally, the new chest pad reinforcement provides additional comfort when loading long spearguns.

The package includes both the jacket and pants and the knee reinforcements on the pants provide greater durability. The double clip on the beaver tail ensures easy closure of the wetsuit. Overall, I would highly recommend this wetsuit to anyone who is passionate about spearfishing and wants to take their game to the next level.

Qoor Zapaz
Qoor Zapaz
9 months ago

I recently purchased a mimetic pattern wetsuit and it has an open cell inside with a Nylon exterior. What’s unique about this wetsuit is that it features two pictures of different sea bottoms on the same suit to offer a better mimetism. It’s fascinating to see how prey gets confused and is unable to identify the spare figure.

I’m really impressed with the finishing of this suit. The hood features a purge system and is partially made with open cell/smooth skin neoprene which adds to the overall comfort. Additionally, the suit has a new chest pad reinforcement to assist the hunter comfortably even when loading long spearguns.

The set comes with both a jacket and pants. I can’t wait to try out this suit during my next spearfishing adventure!