Owner Fishing Hooks Review 2024

Sergio Smirnoff

Hello, my name is Sergio Smirnof, and my goal with FishReeler is to provide a valuable resource for anglers of all levels, from beginners to experienced veterans. I hope that my passion for fishing and dedication to the sport shines through in the content I create and inspires others to get out on the water and catch some fish!

Owner Fishing Hooks

The Circle of Success: Unlock Your Angling Potential with Owner Fishing Hooks

16-Owner Fishing Hooks

Table of Contents

Hooked on History: The Evolution of Fishing Hooks

The history of fishing hooks dates back to prehistoric times, with the earliest known hooks made from bone, wood, and shells. As time progressed, hooks were crafted from materials such as bronze, iron, and steel, providing better durability and effectiveness. Throughout history, fishing hooks have been an essential tool for survival, enabling early humans to catch fish and sustain their communities. Today, fishing hooks are not only used for sustenance but also for recreational purposes, contributing to the multi-billion-dollar fishing industry.

The Art of the Hook: Why Choosing the Right Hook Matters

Selecting the right fishing hook is crucial to the success of any angler, whether it’s for a casual fishing trip or a professional tournament. The type, size, and shape of a hook can greatly influence the effectiveness of your fishing techniques, ensuring that you can securely catch and hold onto your target fish species. A well-chosen hook can also minimize the chances of injury to both the angler and the fish, contributing to a more enjoyable and responsible fishing experience.

Owner Hooks: Setting the Standard in Fishing

Owner, a renowned manufacturer of fishing gear and accessories, has been providing top-quality fishing hooks to anglers around the world for decades. Their comprehensive range of hooks caters to a variety of fishing styles and species, ensuring that anglers have the right tool for the job. The brand’s reputation for quality, innovation, and attention to detail has made Owner Hooks a popular choice among both professional and recreational anglers. In this guide, we’ll explore the different types of Owner fishing hooks and offer insights to help you make the best choice for your next fishing adventure.

Master the Art of Catch and Release: Owner Mutu Light Circle Hooks


One of the most popular Owner circle hooks is the Owner Mutu Light Circle Hook. Here’s a detailed description of this highly effective and sought-after hook:

Experience the Revolution: Owner Circle Hooks Redefining Catch and Release Fishing

The Owner Mutu Light Circle Hook is designed to provide a high hook-up ratio while minimizing the chances of gut-hooking fish. This hook is perfect for both saltwater and freshwater fishing and is commonly used for catch-and-release angling due to its fish-friendly design.

No More Gut-Hooked Fish: Discover the Advantages of Owner’s Circle Hooks

Feature Explanation
Unique Circle Design The Owner Mutu Light Circle Hook features a circular shape that ensures the hook sets in the corner of the fish’s mouth, reducing the likelihood of deep hooking or gut hooking. This design leads to higher success rates when practicing catch and release.
Super Needle Point The Super Needle Point is a sharp, conical-shaped hook point that penetrates quickly and securely. Its design minimizes the chances of tearing or damaging the fish’s mouth while providing a solid hook-up.
Offset Point The offset point on the Mutu Light Circle Hook helps increase the hook-up ratio by providing better penetration and secure hook sets. This feature enhances the effectiveness of the hook without sacrificing its fish-friendly design.
Forged Construction The Owner Mutu Light Circle Hook is made with forged high carbon steel construction, providing strength and durability. This ensures the hook maintains its shape and performance even when battling larger, more powerful fish.
Hangnail Point The Hangnail Point design allows for easier baiting and improved bait presentation. This feature keeps your bait in the perfect position on the hook, increasing your chances of attracting fish.
Available in Various Sizes The Owner Mutu Light Circle Hook is available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate different bait sizes and target species. This versatility makes it an excellent choice for many fishing situations and applications.

By incorporating the Owner Mutu Light Circle Hook into your fishing setup, you can enjoy the benefits of its unique design, high hook-up ratio, and fish-friendly features. This popular circle hook is a favorite among anglers who prioritize responsible and effective fishing practices.

Understanding Fishing Hooks


Fishing Hook Anatomy 101: Breaking Down the Basics

To choose the right fishing hook, it’s essential to understand its basic components and functions. The main parts of a fishing hook are:

🌟The Sharp End: Hook Points Explained

Point: The sharp end of the hook that penetrates the fish’s mouth or body. A sharp, well-designed point ensures secure hooking and increases the chances of a successful catch.

🌟Holding On: The Role of the Barb

Barb: A small, backward-facing projection near the point that prevents the hook from slipping out of the fish’s mouth. While barbs increase the hook’s holding power, they can also make it more challenging to remove the hook, potentially causing harm to the fish.

🌟The Connection: Hook Eyes and Their Importance

Eye: The small loop or ring at the opposite end of the hook’s point, through which the fishing line is threaded. Eyes can be straight, turned up, or turned down, each with its own specific advantages depending on the type of fishing.

🌟Extending the Line: The Shank’s Purpose

Shank: The straight section of the hook that extends from the eye to the bend. Shank length varies, with long shanks providing more space for bait and short shanks being less visible to fish.

🌟Bending the Rules: Hook Bends and Their Effects

Bend: The curved portion of the hook that connects the shank and the point. The shape and angle of the bend can influence the hook’s effectiveness and ease of penetration.

🌟Bridging the Gap: Understanding Hook Gaps

Gap: The distance between the point and the shank, determines the size of the fish’s mouth the hook can accommodate. A larger gap can hold bigger fish, while a smaller gap provides a more discreet presentation.

The Hook Selection Formula: Factors to Keep in Mind


When choosing the right fishing hook, several factors should be considered to ensure the best match for your specific needs:

⭐Fish Finder: Matching Hooks to Target Species

Species of fish: Different fish species have distinct mouth structures, sizes, and feeding habits. Consider the fish you’re targeting and select a hook that will securely fit its mouth and hold up against its strength.

⭐Bait Buddies: Pairing Hooks with the Right Bait

Bait or lure: The type of bait or lure you’re using can influence the hook size and style. Choose a hook that will properly present the bait, securely hold it, and maximize its effectiveness in attracting fish.

⭐Location, Location, Location: Hook Selection for Different Environments

Fishing environment: The water depth, current, and structure, as well as the presence of vegetation or underwater obstacles, can impact your choice of hook. Opt for a hook that will perform well in your specific fishing conditions and minimize the risk of snagging.

⭐Technique Talk: How Your Fishing Style Influences Hook Choice

Fishing technique: Your preferred fishing technique, whether it’s fly fishing, bottom fishing, or trolling, will also dictate the ideal hook. Each technique has specific hook requirements to maximize effectiveness and improve your chances of success.

Owner Fishing Hooks: A Deep Dive into Types and Features


The owner offers a wide range of high-quality hooks, suitable for various fishing styles and target species. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at some of their most popular hook types and their key features.

Single and Ready to Mingle: Exploring Single Hooks

Single hooks are versatile and can be used for various applications, including live bait, artificial lures, and fly fishing. Here are some popular Owner single hooks:

🎑Straight Eye, Sharp Aim: SSW Straight Eye Hooks

SSW Straight Eye Hooks: These hooks are ideal for live bait, featuring a straight eye for a more natural bait presentation, a cutting point for easier penetration, and a corrosion-resistant black chrome finish. They are suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing.

🎑Tentacled Titans: Octopus Hooks

Octopus Hooks: Designed for versatile use, Owner’s Octopus hooks feature an up-eye design and an ultra-sharp cutting point. They are perfect for rigging live bait or attaching to lures and can be used in both fresh and saltwater environments.

🎑The Mighty Gorilla Hook: Strength and Versatility

Gorilla Hooks: With a heavy-duty forged shank and cutting point, Gorilla hooks are designed for battling strong, large fish. These hooks are suitable for chunk bait, trolling, and even live bait applications, providing excellent strength and durability.

Triple Threat: Get to Know Treble Hooks

Treble hooks consist of three points attached to a single eye, offering a higher chance of hooking a fish. They are commonly used on lures and plugs. Some popular Owner treble hooks include:

πŸ’₯The Classic ST-36: Treble Hooks Redefined

ST-36 Treble Hooks: These hooks feature a round bend and a corrosion-resistant finish, making them suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. The short shank and cutting point provides secure hooking and holding power.

πŸ’₯Powerhouse Performer: ST-41 2X Strong Treble Hooks

ST-41 2X Strong Treble Hooks: With twice the strength of standard treble hooks, the ST-41 hooks are suitable for larger and more powerful fish. They feature a corrosion-resistant finish, a cutting point, and a round bend for excellent hooking ability.

πŸ’₯Unyielding Strength: ST-56 3X Strong Treble Hooks

ST-56 3X Strong Treble Hooks: Designed for heavy-duty applications, these treble hooks are three times stronger than standard hooks. The ST-56 hooks are ideal for large saltwater fish and feature a cutting point for easier penetration.

A Class of Their Own: Specialty Hooks for Every Situation

The owner also offers a range of specialty hooks tailored to specific techniques or applications:

✨Suspended Success: Drop Shot Hooks

Drop Shot Hooks: These hooks are designed for drop shotting, a popular finesse technique used to target suspended or bottom-dwelling fish. Owner’s Drop Shot hooks feature a sharp point, wide gap, and lightweight design for optimal performance.

✨The Wacky World of Wacky Hooks

Wacky Hooks: Ideal for wacky rigging soft plastic baits, these hooks feature a wide gap and a sharp point to ensure solid hook-ups. The unique design allows for a more natural, enticing bait presentation.

✨Getting Jiggy: The Jig Hook Revolution

Jig Hooks: Owner’s Jig hooks are designed for use with various jig heads, providing strength and a secure hold on soft plastic baits. They feature a sharp point and a corrosion-resistant finish, making them suitable for both fresh and saltwater fishing.

Owner Hook Technology: The Cutting Edge of Innovation

14-Owner Fishing Hooks

The owner has consistently pushed the boundaries of hook innovation, incorporating advanced technology to improve angler performance and success. In this section, we’ll discuss some of the unique technologies employed in Owner fishing hooks.

Sharpness Reimagined: Cutting Point Technology

πŸ’ŽA Design for Success: The Science Behind the Cutting Point

Design: The owner’s Cutting Point technology is an advanced, patented hook point design that incorporates a triple-edged blade. This unique design allows the hook to penetrate with minimal resistance, ensuring a clean and efficient entry into the fish’s mouth or body.

πŸ’ŽAdvantages of Going Above and Beyond: Cutting Point Benefits

Advantages: The Cutting Point design offers several benefits to anglers, including improved hook-up rates, faster penetration, and reduced damage to fish when practicing catch and release. The technology also results in a longer-lasting, sharper point that maintains its edge through multiple catches.

Light as Air, Strong as Steel: ZO-WIRE Technology

🐟Wired for Greatness: ZO-WIRE’s Material and Strength

Material and strength: ZO-WIRE is a proprietary material used by the Owner to produce exceptionally strong and lightweight hooks. This advanced material is created through a specialized cold-forging process, resulting in hooks with significantly greater tensile strength compared to traditional high-carbon steel hooks.

🐟Reeling in the Rewards: How ZO-WIRE Benefits Anglers

Benefits for anglers: The use of ZO-WIRE technology in Owner hooks provides anglers with increased strength and durability, allowing them to confidently target larger and more powerful fish. The lightweight nature of ZO-WIRE hooks also results in less impact on lure action, ensuring a more natural and enticing presentation.

Hooking the Future: Super Needle Point Technology

πŸ‘ΎThe Anatomy of a Super Needle Point

Characteristics: The owner’s Super Needle Point is a distinctive hook point design that features a sharp, conical shape with a longer, thinner profile. This design enables the hook to penetrate quickly and securely while minimizing the chances of tearing or damaging the fish’s mouth.

πŸ‘ΎHook, Line, and Sinker: Improved Performance with Super Needle Point

Improved hooking performance: The Super Needle Point design provides anglers with enhanced hooking performance by ensuring a more secure and reliable connection between the hook and the fish. The reduced likelihood of the hook tearing through the fish’s mouth or slipping out also contributes to a higher success rate and more efficient catch and release-practices.

The Perfect Match: Pairing Owner Hooks with Techniques and Species


Choosing the right Owner hook for your target species and fishing technique is crucial for a successful angling experience. In this section, we’ll discuss some popular fish species and the ideal Owner hooks for each.

Freshwater Finesse: Ideal Owner Hooks for Inland Angling

🐬Bass-Ically Perfect: Owner Hooks for Bass Fishing

Bass: For bass fishing, consider using Owner’s Gorilla hooks with large, soft plastic baits, or Octopus hooks for rigging live bait. When using crankbaits, spinnerbaits, or other lures, consider upgrading to ST-41 2X Strong Treble Hooks for added strength and durability.

🐬Hook, Line, and Trout: A Guide to Trout Fishing Hooks

Trout: Trout anglers may prefer Owner’s SSW Straight Eye Hooks for live bait or wacky rig presentations. For small spoons, spinners, or crankbaits, use the ST-36 Treble Hooks, which provide a good balance of strength and stealth.

🐬The Walleye Way: Choosing Hooks for Walleye

Walleye: When targeting walleye, use Owner’s Octopus hooks for live bait presentations, or Jig hooks for jigging soft plastic baits. If you’re using lures like crankbaits or jerkbaits, the ST-36 Treble Hooks are a solid choice.

Saltwater Success: Navigating Owner Hooks for Ocean Angling

πŸ’«Taming the Silver King: Tarpon Fishing with Owner Hooks

Tarpon: For tarpon fishing, opt for the heavy-duty Gorilla hooks when using live or chunk bait. If you’re using lures or plugs, upgrade to the ST-56 3X Strong Treble Hooks for the necessary strength to handle these powerful fish.

πŸ’«Reeling in Redfish: Selecting the Perfect Hook

Redfish: For redfish, use Owner’s Octopus hooks with live bait or cut bait presentations, or Jig hooks for jigging soft plastics. When using spoons, topwater lures, or other artificial baits, the ST-41 2X Strong Treble Hooks are a suitable choice.

πŸ’«A Tuna Triumph: The Best Hooks for Tuna Fishing

Tuna: Tuna fishing often requires strong, heavy-duty hooks like the Gorilla hooks for live or chunk bait presentations. For trolling lures or plugs, choose the ST-56 3X Strong Treble Hooks to handle the power and size of these impressive fish.

Fly Fishing Fanatics: Matching Owner Hooks to Flies and Techniques

πŸ”·Rise to the Occasion: Hooks for Dry Flies

Dry flies: When flying fishing with dry flies, opt for Owner’s lightweight, fine-wire hooks that offer a delicate presentation on the water’s surface. Look for hooks with a straight eye and a standard or wide gap, depending on the size of the fly.

πŸ”·Going Underwater: Nymph Fishing and Hook Selection

Nymphs: For nymph fishing, use Owner hooks with a down-eye or straight eye, and a 1X or 2X long shank to accommodate larger nymph patterns. A standard or wide gap will ensure a secure hook-up when fish take the fly underwater.

πŸ”·Swimming with the Streamers: Ideal Hooks for Streamer Fishing

Streamers: When fishing with streamers, select Owner hooks with a straight eye, a 3X or 4X long shank to accommodate the bulkier streamer patterns, and a wide gap for a secure hook-up. A strong, durable hook will be crucial for landing larger, more aggressive fish that are attracted to streamers.

Hook Care 101: Maintenance Tips for Long-lasting Performance


Proper care and maintenance of your Owner’s fishing hooks will ensure their longevity and effectiveness. In this section, we’ll provide some tips for keeping your hooks in top condition.

Clean Sweep: Proper Cleaning and Storage of Fishing Hooks

After each fishing trip, it’s important to clean your hooks thoroughly, especially if you’ve been fishing in saltwater. Rinse your hooks with fresh water to remove any salt or debris, then dry them with a clean cloth to prevent rust and corrosion. Store your hooks separately in a tackle box, preferably in compartments or containers designed to hold hooks, to prevent them from tangling or damaging other tackle. Keep your hooks in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and humidity.

Sharp as a Tack: How to Inspect and Sharpen Your Hooks

Regularly inspect your hooks for signs of wear, damage, or dullness. If you notice that the hook points have become dull, use a hook file or honing stone to carefully sharpen them back to their original sharpness. Maintain a consistent angle while sharpening to ensure a uniform, sharp point. After sharpening, wipe the hooks clean with a cloth or paper towel to remove any metal shavings or debris. Always exercise caution while handling sharp hooks to avoid injury.

Time for Change: When to Replace or Dispose of Your Hooks

When a hook becomes damaged or excessively worn, it’s time to replace it. Using damaged hooks can result in lost fish or poor catch-and-release practices. Dispose of old or damaged hooks responsibly, considering the environment and the safety of others. Place the hooks in a puncture-proof container before discarding them in the trash. Never leave hooks lying around or throw them into the water, as they can pose a risk to wildlife and other anglers.


❓What are Owner fishing hooks?
Owner fishing hooks are a brand of high-quality, reliable, and durable fishing hooks designed for both amateur and professional anglers. They are available in various sizes and styles, catering to different types of fishing environments and techniques.
❓What types of Owner fishing hooks are available?
Owner offers a wide variety of fishing hooks, including single hooks, treble hooks, double hooks, and specialty hooks. These hooks are designed for different types of fishing techniques and species, such as bass, catfish, trout, or saltwater species.
❓How do I choose the right size and style of Owner fishing hooks for my needs?
To select the appropriate size and style of Owner fishing hooks, consider the type of fish you are targeting, the fishing technique you plan to use, and the bait or lure you will be using. If you’re unsure, consult with experienced anglers, local fishing guides, or fishing shop employees for recommendations.
❓Can I use Owner fishing hooks for both freshwater and saltwater fishing?
Yes, Owner fishing hooks are designed for use in both freshwater and saltwater environments. However, it’s essential to select the appropriate hook based on the target species and the specific environment you will be fishing in.
❓How do I maintain and care for my Owner fishing hooks?
Proper care and maintenance of your Owner fishing hooks will ensure their longevity and performance. After each use, rinse the hooks thoroughly with fresh water to remove any debris or salt. Dry them completely before storing them in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.
❓Are Owner fishing hooks suitable for beginners?
Yes, Owner fishing hooks are suitable for anglers of all skill levels, including beginners. The variety of hooks available allows new anglers to experiment with different styles and techniques to find the best fit for their needs and preferences.
❓Where can I purchase Owner fishing hooks?
Owner fishing hooks can be purchased at various sporting goods stores, fishing tackle shops, and online retailers. It is essential to buy from a reputable source to ensure you receive authentic, high-quality Owner products.
❓How do I know if my Owner fishing hooks are still sharp and effective?
Regularly inspect your Owner fishing hooks for any signs of dullness, damage, or corrosion. If you find any issues, it’s time to replace or sharpen the hooks. Sharp hooks are crucial for effective hooksets and a successful fishing experience.


The Hooked-On Effect: Revisiting the Importance of Choosing the Right Hook

Choosing the right fishing hook is an essential aspect of a successful angling experience. A suitable hook, tailored to the target species, fishing technique, and environment, not only increases your chances of hooking and landing fish but also ensures more responsible and efficient catch-and-release practices. Understanding the anatomy of a fishing hook and the factors to consider when selecting one will greatly enhance your overall fishing experience.

Experience the Owner Advantage: Elevate Your Fishing Game with Top-tier Hooks

Owner fishing hooks, with their innovative technology, diverse range, and high-quality construction, catering to a wide variety of fishing needs and preferences. From freshwater to saltwater fishing, and from live bait to artificial lures, Owner offers hooks designed for optimal performance, durability, and effectiveness. By incorporating Owner hooks into your fishing arsenal, you’re equipping yourself with tools that will enhance your angling experience and increase your chances of success. So, go ahead and give Owner fishing hooks a try – you won’t be disappointed!

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9 months ago

Great article! I’ve been using Owner fishing hooks for years, and I can definitely attest to their quality and performance. This review does an excellent job of highlighting their strengths and variety. πŸ‘

Etony Peartree
Etony Peartree
9 months ago

The variety of Owner fishing hooks discussed in this article is impressive, and it’s great to see a review that covers so many options. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience – I’m excited to try some of these hooks on my upcoming fishing adventures.

Rosper Eaglen
Rosper Eaglen
9 months ago

It’s hard for me to pick a clear favorite when it comes to fishing hooks. In the past, I mostly used Gamakatsu hooks, but lately, I’ve been trying out more VMC hooks and I’ve been quite satisfied with their performance. As for large swimbaits, I’ve made the switch to Owner ST36/41 trebles, which have been excellent so far.

This review is spot on! I’ve been using Owner fishing hooks for both saltwater and freshwater fishing, and they have never disappointed me. Their durability and sharpness have helped me land some great catches. Highly recommended!

Edex Stringbach
Edex Stringbach
9 months ago

Thorough and well-written review! I wasn’t familiar with Owner fishing hooks before, but after reading this article, I can see why they’re so highly regarded. I’ll definitely be adding a few to my tackle box for my next outing.

It’s undeniable that there are many high-quality hooks available on the market, including Gamakatsu, Owner, VMC, Mustad, and Trokar. These are all reliable brands with excellent reputations. On the other hand, it’s probably best to steer clear of cheaper alternatives like Eagle Claw, which can be flimsy, and the inexpensive, no-name bulk packs from Amazon.

It’s well worth investing in reputable brands like Owner or VMC over store brands like Eagle Claw. Trokar’s weighted hooks are also a solid choice, despite being made by EC. Gamakatsu and Mustad are reliable options as well.

Many anglers can attest to the durability of Gamakatsu hooks, and Owner’s wacky and drop-shot hooks have proven to be fantastic. Additionally, VMC’s weighted swimbait hooks are highly regarded. Ultimately, it’s worth paying a little extra for quality products that will make your fishing experience more successful and enjoyable.

Abram Redpale
Abram Redpale
9 months ago

I recently switched to Owner fishing hooks based on recommendations from friends, and I’m very pleased with the results so far. This article does an excellent job of explaining why they are so popular among anglers. Keep up the great work!

Circles hooks are known for hooking fish in the corner of the mouth. It’s essential not to set the hook traditionally, as it can pull the hook out of the fish’s mouth. Instead, start reeling, lean back, and add pressure to drive the hook in further. Circle hooks work well for tarpon, slow-moving fish, and bottom fishing.

J hooks are versatile and can hook practically anything, including gut-hooking fish if given the chance. They’re suitable for use wherever they’re legal and can be strung together for king and wahoo rigs. Small J hooks are also excellent for catching bait.

Offset/wide gap worm hooks are designed for use with soft plastics, allowing the hook tip to be buried and kept weedless. They’re ideal for locations where soft plastic baits are used.

Kahle hooks are favorites for many anglers, with the Chaser-modified Kahle hook being a popular choice for striper fishing and live bait fishing. These hooks are small, and strong, and offer an excellent combination of circle and J-hook features. Simply put, they’re great at catching fish.

Treble hooks work well for fish that aren’t leader-shy and strike quickly, such as kings, Spanish, and wahoos. These hooks can hook fish wherever they make contact.

Galiban Grasstem
Galiban Grasstem
9 months ago

As an avid angler, I truly appreciate the depth and detail of this review. Owner fishing hooks have been my go-to choice for some time now, and it’s nice to see them getting the recognition they deserve.

Using Amazon gear can be a cost-effective option for certain items, like hair rigs, baitholder hooks, or rod alarms. However, there is often a trade-off in quality.

It has been observed that these hooks tend to bend when hooked into larger fish, requiring reshaping after every catch involving a carp on a hair rig or anything bigger than a panfish on baitholder hooks.

While these affordable hooks might be suitable for situations like group fishing events with children, they might not be the most reliable option when targeting larger fish. It’s essential to weigh the cost savings against the potential issues with the hook’s performance.

Niqol Glimmering
Niqol Glimmering
9 months ago

Thanks for this informative review of Owner fishing hooks. I’ve been considering trying them out, and your article has provided valuable insights into their features and benefits. I’m excited to give them a try on my next fishing trip!

In terms of preference, Owner hooks seem to be the top choice for many anglers, followed by Gamakatsu as a secondary option, and Mustad as a last resort. Some have experienced Mustad hooks bending easily, while Gamakatsu hooks might not have as much longevity, but at least they don’t bend.

Investing in Owner hooks is considered worth the extra cost due to their quality and durability. However, it’s essential to be cautious around them, as their sharpness can lead to accidental injuries with minimal effort.