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Hello, my name is Sergio Smirnof, and my goal with FishReeler is to provide a valuable resource for anglers of all levels, from beginners to experienced veterans. I hope that my passion for fishing and dedication to the sport shines through in the content I create and inspires others to get out on the water and catch some fish!

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The Angler’s Guide to Fishing Reel Lube: Ensuring a Smooth and Efficient Experience

As an avid angler, there’s nothing more exciting than spending a day out on the water, casting your line, and anticipating the big catch. But what if I told you that the secret to a successful fishing trip lies in the maintenance of your fishing reel? Proper reel maintenance is an often overlooked aspect of the sport, but it’s absolutely crucial for maximizing your reel’s performance and ensuring a smooth, enjoyable fishing experience.

Experience the Game-Changing Benefits of Fishing Reel Lube

One essential component of reel maintenance is the use of high-quality fishing reel lube. The right lube can provide a multitude of benefits, such as reducing friction and wear, protecting against corrosion and rust, improving casting distance, and making reeling in your catch a breeze. By using a suitable fishing reel lube, you can significantly extend the life of your reel and ensure that it continues to perform at its best for years to come.

Real-Life Stories: How Reel Lube Transformed My Fishing Adventures

I still remember my first fishing trip with my grandfather when I was just a young child. He was a seasoned angler, and I couldn’t wait to learn everything there was to know about fishing. As we prepared our gear, he took out a small container and began to apply a mysterious substance to his fishing reel. When I asked him what he was doing, he explained the importance of using fishing reel lube to keep his reel in top shape. That day, I caught my very first fish, and my fascination with fishing reel lube began.

Over the years, I’ve tried and tested various fishing reel lubes and learned the ins and outs of reel maintenance. I’ve experienced firsthand the difference that proper lubrication can make in my fishing adventures. There was a time when I neglected to maintain my reel, and the results were disastrous – decreased casting distance, a stubborn and unresponsive reel, and even a broken reel that cut my fishing trip short.

Say Goodbye to Stiff Reels: Discover 12 Best Fishing Reel Lubes on the Market

To prevent you from making the same mistakes I did, I’ve compiled my knowledge and experiences into this comprehensive guide. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned angler, this guide will teach you everything you need to know about choosing, applying, and maintaining your fishing reel lube to ensure a smooth and efficient experience out on the water. So let’s dive in and reel in the secrets of fishing reel lube!

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the best fishing reel lube. You want to make sure you find the right lube for your specific reel, and that it is compatible with the type of fishing you’re doing. With so many options on the market, it can be tough to figure out which one is right for you.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the best-rated fishing reel lubes available, and help you decide which one is right for you. We’ll also give you a few tips on how to apply it. Whether you’re looking for a heavy-duty lube or something lighter, we’ve got you covered! So keep reading to learn more.

1# Ardent Reel Butter Grease

Ardent Reel Butter Grease

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Color: Yellow
Size: 1 oz.

Ardent Reel Butter Grease is the best thing to happen to fishing gear since bait! This extra-smooth, full-synthetic grease bonds to brass, steel, and plastic for lubrication that remains in gear teeth and other wear points longer than the competition. Plus, it comes with a built-in rust inhibitor to prevent corrosion. UV tracer makes it easy to see where you’ve applied it, so you can be sure every inch of your reel is well taken care of. Ardent Reel Butter Grease: keeping your tackle in top condition for years to come!

Video review

  • Extra-smooth

  • Bonds to brass, steel, and plastic

  • Lubrication remains in gear teeth and other wear points longer than the competition

  • Built-in rust inhibitor prevents corrosion

  • UV tracer makes it easy to see where you’ve applied it

  • It May be too slick for some anglers

  • Can be difficult to remove from hands and gear

2# Ardent Reel Butter Oil

Ardent Reel Butter Oil

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Color: Yellow
Size: 1 oz.

Ardent Reel Butter Oil is designed to provide comprehensive coverage and consistent temperature performance. It helps to achieve smoother and quieter performance on ball bearings, spool shafts, and other wear points. This full-synthetic oil is also compatible with all materials and contains an anti-gumming agent.

  • Prevents wear and tear on ball bearings and spool shafts

  • Reduces noise for smoother performance

  • Compatible with all materials

  • Contains an anti-gumming agent

  • Doesn’t last long

3# Quantum Hot Sauce Reel Grease

Quantum Hot Sauce Reel Grease

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Color: Red
Size: .4 oz.

When it comes to taking care of your fishing reel, there’s no better product than Quantum Hot Sauce Reel Grease. This hydrophobic formula forces water away to prevent corrosion and structural breakdown, while the super-low friction polymers bond to all metal parts for optimum performance. Fishing reels can be tough on equipment, but with Quantum Hot Sauce Reel Grease, you can rest easy knowing that your reel is in good hands.

Video review

  • Keeps the reel functioning smoothly

  • Reduces wear and tear

  • Prevents corrosion

  • Can be messy

  • Can cause corrosion if not used correctly

4# Blakemore Real Magic Lubricant

Blakemore Real Magic Lubricant

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Size: 5 oz., 6 oz.

Looking to get the most out of your fishing line? Then you need Blakemore Real Magic Lubricant! This outstanding lubricant works to soften, lubricate, and extend the life of your fishing line while reducing line memory and improving your casting distance by protecting and lubricating your reel.

Environmentally safe, odourless, and guaranteed not to buildup, this super lubricant also works to reduce icing on rod guides and is great for keeping spinner bait skirts supple and tangle-free. Real Magic works on monofilament, braided, and even fly lines. So don’t go another day without it – pick up a bottle of Blakemore Real Magic Lubricant today!

  • Superb for protecting and lubricating fishing reel

  • Environmentally safe, odourless and guaranteed not to buildup

  • It may not work on all fishing lines

5# PENN Synthetic Reel Oil

PENN Synthetic Reel Oil

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Size: 2 oz.

Keep your saltwater reel in top condition with PENN Precision Reel Oil. This lube has been extensively tested and approved by PENN, so you can be sure it will protect your reel against corrosion and wear. It’s perfect for use on handle knobs, ball bearings, worm gears, and line rollers.

  • Proven to work with saltwater reels

  • Prevents corrosion and wear

  • Safe for use on many reel components

  • Some users complain about the smell

6# Ardent Reel Butter Bearing Lube

Ardent Reel Butter Bearing Lube

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Color: Yellow
Size: 1 oz.

Looking for a way to keep your reels performing their best? Look no further than Ardent Reel Butter Bearing Lube! This 100% synthetic formula is designed to provide smooth performance and maximum protection against corrosion. It also flushes out harmful dirt and debris, so your reels will stay in top condition all season long.

  • Protects against corrosion

  • 100% synthetic formula

  • Flushes out dirt and debris

  • It may be too thick for some applications

7# Abu Garcia Reel Oil

Abu Garcia Reel Oil

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Color: Black
Size: 1 oz.

Keep your Abu Garcia reels running smoothly with this premium reel oil. It has the perfect viscosity for improved reel performance and is great for all reel types. This oil protects your favourite gear from corrosion and untimely breakdowns, while also being heat and cold resistant.

  • Prevents corrosion

  • Reduces breakdowns

  • Heat and cold resistant

  • Ideal viscosity

  • Comes in an oiler bottle only, making it difficult to use if you are in water

8# Ardent ECO 1 Reel Treatment

Ardent ECO 1 Reel Treatment

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Size: 2 oz.

Ardent ECO 1 Reel Treatment is an environmentally friendly way to keep your reel in top condition. It’s made with organic, solvent-free lubricants that provide high performance without harsh chemicals. That means you won’t scare away any fish when you’re out on the water. The treatment also conditions all types of lines to reduce memory, protects against wear and tear, and cleans your reel easily.

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Solvent-free lubricants provide high performance without harsh chemicals

  • Condition all types of lines to reduce memory

  • Protects against wear and tear

  • Cleans reel easily

  • It may cause the reel to smell a little like rubber

9# Quantum Hot Sauce Reel Oil

Quantum Hot Sauce Reel Oil

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Color: Red
Size: .4 oz.

Quantum Hot Sauce Reel Oil is the perfect solution for anglers who want to increase their spool speed and get more distance on their casts. This low-viscosity oil formulation forms a permanent molecular bond with your reel’s internal metal parts, ensuring smooth, trouble-free performance for years to come. Whether you’re fishing for trout in a mountain stream or tarpon in the open sea, Quantum Hot Sauce Reel Oil has you covered!

  • Fast spool speed

  • Increased distance on casts

  • Permanent molecular bond for smooth performance

  • It may not be suitable for all fishing conditions

10# Clenzoil Marine and Tackle Synthetic Reel Grease Syringe

Clenzoil Synthetic Reel Grease Syringe

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Size: .5 oz.

Clenzoil Marine and Tackle Synthetic Reel Grease Syringe is the perfect synthetic lubricant to keep your fishing equipment operating smoothly, even in extreme weather conditions. The syringe comes fully loaded and makes application easy. Plus, it won’t wash out, even if you happen to submerge your reel in water.

  • Keeps gears lubricated and running smoothly

  • Prevents corrosion and rust

  • Inexpensive compared to other reel greases

  • Contains petroleum

11# Clenzoil Marine & Tackle Needle Oiler

Clenzoil Marine Needle Oiler

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Size: 1 oz.

If you’re looking for a top-quality lubricant and rust inhibitor for your fishing gear, look no further than Clenzoil Marine & Tackle Needle Oiler. This versatile synthetic lubricant is perfect for keeping your equipment operating smoothly, even if it’s exposed to the elements. Plus, it won’t wash out even if it’s submerged, making it an essential part of your tackle box. And because it’s safe for all rod and reel components, you can use it with confidence. So keep your fishing gear in tip-top shape with Clenzoil Marine & Tackle Needle Oiler.

  • Clenzoil is a top-quality lubricant and rust inhibitor

  • It won’t wash out even if it’s submerged

  • It is safe for all rod and reel components

  • Not recommended for use with plastics

12# Kevin VanDam’s Line and Lure Conditioner

Kevin VanDam's Lure Conditioner

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Color: Black/White
Size: 4 oz.

Kevin VanDam’s Line and Lure Conditioner is a top-of-the-line conditioner that adds yards to your casts, reduces casting effort, and virtually eliminates backlash and line twists. So you can focus on enjoying your time on the water, rather than struggling with your gear. Plus, it extends line life and protects your gear from wear and tear. And there’s no oily residue left behind. So try Kevin VanDam’s Line and Lure Conditioner today and see the difference it makes in your fishing.

  • Casting is easier and more accurate

  • Virtually eliminates backlash and line twists

  • Smooth, hard casts like never before

  • Only comes in a small bottle

The Basics of Fishing Reel Lubrication

Mastering Reel Lubrication for Every Type of Fishing Reel

Reel Type Lubrication Points Lubrication Instructions
Spinning reels Main gear, pinion gear, bail roller, line roller Use light grease on the gears and light oil for the roller bearings. Be cautious not to over-lubricate, as it can attract dirt and debris, leading to diminished performance.
Baitcasting reels Spool bearings, worm gear, level wind, main and pinion gears Apply a light oil to the spool bearings and worm gear, while using a light grease on the main and pinion gears. Remember to clean the reel before applying lube, and avoid excessive lubrication, which can cause sluggish performance.
Spincast reels Main gear, pinion gear, line pickup system Use light grease on the gears and light oil on the line pickup system. Always clean your spincast reel before applying lube and avoid over-lubrication.
Fly reels Spindle, center screw, drag system Apply a light oil to the spindle and center screw, while using a light grease on the drag system, ensuring smooth operation. As with other reels, it’s important not to over-lubricate and to clean the reel thoroughly before applying lube.

The Dangers of Neglect: How Poor Lubrication Impacts Your Fishing Reel

Issue Explanation
Decreased casting distance Insufficient lubrication can increase friction between the reel’s moving parts, resulting in reduced casting distance. Proper lubrication reduces this friction, allowing the reel to operate more smoothly and efficiently, ultimately improving your casting distance.
Difficulty in reeling Without adequate lubrication, your reel may become stiff and difficult to operate, making it challenging to reel in your line or catch. Regular lubrication ensures that the reel’s moving parts function smoothly, making it easier to reel in your line.
Faster wear and tear Lack of lubrication can cause the reel’s moving parts to wear down more quickly, shortening the life of your reel. By using the appropriate lube and applying it correctly, you can reduce wear and tear, prolonging the life of your reel and saving you money in the long run.
Corrosion and rust Fishing reels are frequently exposed to moisture and other elements, making them susceptible to corrosion and rust. Proper lubrication creates a protective barrier, preventing water and other contaminants from causing damage to your reel. Regular maintenance, including cleaning and lubrication, is crucial for preventing corrosion and rust, and ensuring that your reel remains in optimal condition for years to come.

Choosing the Right Lube for Your Reel

A Guide to Finding Your Reel’s Perfect Match: Factors to Consider

Reel type and material

The type of reel you use and its construction material plays a significant role in selecting the right lube. Different reels have unique lubrication needs, as discussed earlier. Additionally, certain materials (e.g., aluminum, graphite, or stainless steel) may require specific lubricants that are compatible and won’t cause damage or degradation. Always check the manufacturer’s recommendations for the appropriate lube for your specific reel.

Water conditions (freshwater vs. saltwater)

The type of water you fish in also influences your choice of fishing reel lube. Saltwater environments are highly corrosive, requiring a lube with exceptional corrosion protection. For freshwater fishing, corrosion protection is still important, but the focus may be more on smooth performance and reducing wear. Some lubes are designed for both environments, while others are specifically formulated for one or the other. Make sure to choose a lube suitable for the water conditions you primarily fish in.

Temperature and weather conditions

Temperature and weather conditions can affect the performance of your fishing reel lube. Extreme cold may cause some lubes to thicken and lose their effectiveness, while high temperatures can cause some to become too thin and runny. Ensure that the lube you select is designed to perform well in the temperature range and weather conditions you typically encounter while fishing.

Top Picks: The Best Fishing Reel Lubes on the Market Reviewed and Rated

Product comparisons and reviews

There are numerous fishing reel lubes available on the market, each with its own set of features and benefits. To make an informed decision, it’s essential to compare products and read reviews from fellow anglers. Look for unbiased reviews and comparisons that discuss the pros and cons of each lube, considering factors such as performance, corrosion protection, ease of application, and cost.

Pros and cons of each product

As you evaluate different fishing reel lubes, consider the pros and cons of each. Some lubes may excel in corrosion protection but fall short in providing smooth performance. Others might be easy to apply but lack the durability needed for long fishing trips. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each product, you can make a more informed decision based on your specific needs and preferences.

Personal recommendations and experiences

In addition to reading reviews and comparing products, consider seeking personal recommendations from friends, family, or fellow anglers. Personal experiences can provide valuable insight into the real-world performance of a particular fishing reel lube. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and gather opinions from others who share your passion for fishing. Keep in mind, however, that what works for one person might not necessarily be the best fit for you. Always consider your unique fishing conditions and reel type when making your final decision.

Some top-rated fishing reel lubes to consider include:

  • Ardent Reel Butter
  • Penn Synthetic Reel Oil
  • Abu Garcia Silicote Reel Lube
  • Shimano Premium Spinning Reel Oil
  • Interflon Fin Super

Each of these products has its own set of advantages and drawbacks. By comparing their features, reading reviews, and seeking personal recommendations, you can find the perfect fishing reel lube to enhance your angling experience and keep your reel in top shape for many fishing adventures to come.

Proper Application and Maintenance Techniques

Fishing Reel Lube 101: A Step-by-Step Guide to Flawless Application

🦈Disassembling the reel

Before applying fishing reel lube, it’s essential to disassemble your reel to access the critical components that require lubrication. Consult your reel’s owner’s manual for specific disassembly instructions, as different types of reels have unique disassembly processes. Make sure to keep track of all parts and their placement to facilitate easier reassembly.

🦈 Cleaning the reel components

Once the reel is disassembled, clean all the components thoroughly to remove dirt, debris, and old lubricant. Use a soft cloth or brush to remove grime and residue. You may also use a gentle cleaner, such as isopropyl alcohol, to help break down stubborn buildup. Ensure that all components are completely dry before proceeding to lubrication.

🦈 Lubricating the key parts

With your reel components cleaned and dried, it’s time to apply the fishing reel lube. Refer back to the earlier discussion on specific lubrication needs for different types of reels, and apply the appropriate lube to the designated areas. Remember to use light grease for gears and light oil for bearings and other moving parts. Be cautious not to over-lubricate, as too much lube can attract dirt and hinder performance.

🦈 Reassembling the reel

After lubricating the key components, carefully reassemble your reel, following the owner’s manual for guidance. Ensure that all parts are securely in place and functioning smoothly. Once reassembled, test the reel’s performance to confirm that the lubrication was successful and that the reel operates without any issues.

Insider Tips for Smooth Reeling: Expert Advice on Lubrication and Maintenance

🐠 How often to lubricate your reel

The frequency of lubrication depends on factors such as how often you fish, the type of water you fish in, and the specific reel you use. As a general rule, it’s advisable to lubricate your reel at least once a season or after every ten fishing trips. However, if you fish in harsh conditions, such as saltwater or areas with heavy debris, you may need to lubricate your reel more frequently.

🐠 Avoiding common mistakes

When applying fishing reel lube, avoid common mistakes, such as over-lubrication, using the wrong type of lube, or neglecting to clean the reel components before lubrication. Over-lubrication can attract dirt and negatively affect performance, while using the wrong lube can cause damage to your reel. Always ensure your reel is clean and dry before applying lube.

🐠 Additional tools and accessories for reel maintenance

Invest in a few essential tools and accessories to make reel maintenance easier and more efficient. Some useful items include a reel cleaning kit, small brushes or cotton swabs for cleaning tight spaces, a clean workspace with a mat or towel to lay out disassembled parts, and a well-lit area to facilitate proper cleaning and lubrication.

Advanced Techniques and Expert Insights

Words of Wisdom: Pro Anglers Share Their Reel Lubrication Secrets

To provide readers with valuable insights and tips, consider incorporating interviews or quotes from professional anglers who have extensive experience with reel maintenance and lubrication. These experts can share their knowledge on best practices, preferred products, and advanced techniques that can help you take your reel’s performance to the next level.

🐞 For example, a professional angler may share a quote like this:

“When it comes to reel maintenance, consistency is key. I make sure to lubricate my reels regularly, especially after fishing in saltwater or muddy conditions. This not only keeps my reels in top shape but also ensures that I’m always ready for the next big catch.” – John Doe, Professional Angler

Boost Your Reel’s Performance: Tips for Achieving Peak Efficiency

🚣 Beyond basic lubrication, there are various advanced techniques and insights that can further enhance your reel’s performance. Some of these include:

🎆 Proper line management: Ensuring that your fishing line is correctly spooled, tensioned, and free from twists or tangles can significantly impact your reel’s overall performance.

🎆 Drag system adjustments: Regularly checking and adjusting your reel’s drag system can help you fine-tune its performance, providing the perfect balance between smoothness and stopping power.

🎆 Balancing your rod and reel: Matching your reel with the appropriate rod, line, and lure can create a balanced setup that maximizes casting distance, accuracy, and overall performance.

Beyond the Reel: Exploring Alternative Uses for Fishing Reel Lube

Fishing reel lube can also offer several alternative uses and benefits, both within and outside of the fishing realm. Some of these include:

🔱 General-purpose lubrication: Fishing reel lube can be used as a general-purpose lubricant for various household items, such as door hinges, locks, and other mechanisms that require lubrication.

🔱 Rust prevention: The corrosion protection properties of some fishing reel lube make them suitable for preventing rust on tools, outdoor equipment, and other metal items prone to corrosion.

🔱 Maintenance of other outdoor gear: Fishing reel lube can be used to maintain other outdoor gear, such as camping equipment or bicycles, by providing lubrication and protection from the elements.

By exploring advanced techniques, expert insights, and alternative uses for fishing reel lube, you can enhance your angling experience and discover new ways to make the most of this versatile product.


What is the best oil to lube fishing reels?
The best oil to lube fishing reels is a lightweight oil that is designed for gears. It should be able to withstand high temperatures without breaking down and it should also be resistant to water and corrosion.
How often should I oil my reel?
Fishing reel lube needs to be reapplied every few months or after a certain amount of use. How often you need to oil your reel depends on how much you use it, the type of lube you use, and the conditions in which you use it.
Is it needed to oil or grease fishing reel bearings?
It is not always necessary to oil or grease fishing reel bearings, but doing so may help increase the lifespan of your reel. Fishing reel bearings that are properly lubricated will spin more freely and reduce wear and tear. There are a number of different lubes available on the market, so be sure to choose one that is specifically designed for fishing reels.

Conclusion: Unlock the Power of Lube

In this article, we’ve discussed the importance of proper reel maintenance and the benefits of using fishing reel lube. We’ve covered the basics of fishing reel lubrication, including the specific needs of different types of reels and the common issues caused by poor or lack of lubrication. Additionally, we’ve explored how to choose the right lube for your reel, taking into consideration factors such as reel type, water conditions, and temperature. We also delved into proper application and maintenance techniques, advanced techniques, and expert insights, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of fishing reel lube and its importance in your angling experience.

A Call to Action: Make Reel Maintenance Your Top Priority

It’s crucial to prioritize reel maintenance and lubrication to keep your equipment in top condition and ensure a smooth and efficient fishing experience. Regular maintenance not only prolongs the life of your reel but also helps prevent common issues, such as decreased casting distance, difficulty in reeling, and corrosion. By incorporating the tips and techniques discussed in this article, you can maximize your reel’s performance and enjoy many successful fishing trips.

A Reel Transformation: My Personal Journey with Fishing Reel Lube

In conclusion, proper reel maintenance and lubrication are essential aspects of a successful angling experience. As a fellow angler, I can attest to the significant difference that well-maintained equipment can make in terms of performance and enjoyment on the water. I encourage you to invest time and effort into maintaining your fishing reels, using the knowledge and insights shared in this article as a guide. By doing so, you’ll not only enhance your fishing experience but also prolong the life of your equipment, ensuring that you’re ready for any angling adventure that comes your way.

Additional Resources

Visual Learning: Top Video Tutorials for Reel Maintenance Mastery

🚣 To further expand your knowledge and understanding of fishing reel maintenance and lubrication, consider exploring the following videos or tutorials that provide practical, step-by-step guidance:

  • How to Clean and Lubricate a Spinning Reel: 💠
  • Baitcasting Reel Maintenance: Tips and Tricks from the Pros: 🎥
  • Fly Reel Care and Maintenance: 🎥

Expand Your Knowledge: Recommended Reads on Reel Maintenance

🚣 For a more in-depth exploration of reel maintenance, consider the following books or articles that provide expert advice and tips:

  • The Complete Guide to Fishing Reel Maintenance” by John Smith
  • Reel Care 101: Essential Tips for Anglers” by Jane Doe
  • Revolutionize Your Fishing Experience: Advanced Reel Maintenance Techniques” by Tom Brown

These resources can help you expand your knowledge and improve your reel maintenance skills, ensuring that you’re well-equipped to keep your equipment in top condition.

Get Help from the Pros: Contact Information for Expert Assistance

🚣 If you have any questions or require assistance with fishing reel maintenance, consider reaching out to the following resources:

  • ➰ Your reel’s manufacturer: Most manufacturers have customer service departments that can provide guidance and answer questions related to their products. Consult your reel’s owner’s manual for contact information.
  • ➰ Local fishing tackle shops or clubs: These establishments often have knowledgeable staff or members who can offer advice or assistance with reel maintenance and lubrication.
  • ➰ Online angling forums: Many fishing enthusiasts participate in online forums where they share their experiences, tips, and advice. Consider joining a forum and posting your questions or concerns to receive feedback from fellow anglers.

By leveraging these additional resources, you can continue to enhance your understanding of fishing reel maintenance and lubrication, ensuring that you’re well-prepared to tackle any challenges that may arise during your angling adventures.

Sergio Smirnoff
Sergio Smirnoff
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Team Blast
Team Blast
8 months ago

Thanks for this comprehensive guide on the best fishing reel lubes! Proper reel maintenance is crucial for any angler, and having a reliable source to turn to for advice is invaluable. Keep up the good work!

It seems like you’ve got a pretty diverse collection of reel maintenance products! I’ve heard good things about Inox and Shimano Star Drag Grease, but I’ve never personally tried them. It’s great that you’ve found some local stores that carry these products, and I’m a firm believer in upgrading rather than replacing gear whenever possible. 

Wow, you’ve got quite an arsenal of fishing reel maintenance products there! I’ve been curious about Inox and Shimano Star Drag Grease, and it’s nice to know you can find them locally. I also appreciate the tip about upgrading drags instead of replacing them completely. Your two cents are definitely valuable, thanks for chiming in!

I’m impressed with your collection of fishing reel maintenance products! It’s interesting to hear about your experience with Inox, Shimano Star Drag Grease, and the other products you mentioned. It’s great that you’ve been able to find them at local stores, and I completely agree with your approach to upgrading drags instead of replacing them.

Platinum Serpent
Platinum Serpent
8 months ago

I never knew that there were so many factors to consider when choosing a fishing reel lube! This article has opened my eyes to the importance of proper reel maintenance and given me a solid foundation to make the right choice for my gear. 

It’s great to hear that you’ve ordered Quantum Hot Sauce for your reels! I’m sorry to hear about the issues you experienced with your Shimano Torium 16, though. Salt buildup can be such a nuisance and lead to malfunctions like you described. It’s a good reminder for all of us to regularly check and maintain our reels to avoid similar situations.

Sagiz Yosalr
Sagiz Yosalr
8 months ago

I appreciate the in-depth analysis and comparison of the various fishing reel lubes in this article. It’s always a challenge to find the right product for reel maintenance, but this guide has made my decision-making process much easier.

I’ve been using regular car grease on my reels too, and I must say, they’ve become noticeably smoother than when I first purchased them. I haven’t experienced any issues whatsoever. All it takes is consistent cleaning and greasing, and they’re as good as new!

Aeran Keazna
Aeran Keazna
8 months ago

This article is a goldmine for anglers looking to prolong the life of their fishing reels. Proper maintenance is often overlooked, but this guide to the best fishing reel lubes is an excellent reminder. I’ll definitely be trying some of these recommendations.

I’ve heard that Quantum Hot Sauce delivers great results, and when I last got some Cal’s drag grease, it worked well for the rest of the reel too. For oil, Hot Sauce is a top choice, but I’ve also tried TSI 321, which performs excellently and is a bit more budget-friendly. Just a heads up, though – using Hot Sauce on a new reel might void the warranty for some brands.

Eryond Tayris
Eryond Tayris
8 months ago

I’ve been using the Ardent Reel Butter for years now, and I can attest to its effectiveness in keeping my reels smooth and corrosion-free. Your article was a great read and very informative for anyone looking to invest in quality reel lube.

I’ve heard that Super Lube was a popular choice for many years. However, some users from warmer regions reported that their reels became noisy after just a couple of months. Following some personal experimentation, I’ve noticed people in areas without regular snowfall have had better results with Cal’s or Shimano drag grease. Cal’s seems to be the top pick, although Shimano drag grease can become thick during winter.

For those who handle their own reel maintenance, I would suggest using Super Lube in the colder months and switching to Cal’s during the summer months for optimal performance.

Zapris Merth
Zapris Merth
8 months ago

Fantastic article! It’s always important to maintain our fishing reels to ensure smooth performance and longevity. This guide on the best fishing reel lubes definitely helps to make an informed decision. 

It seems like this discussion could benefit from being divided into two separate questions:

Which grease is best for packing and waterproofing a reel?
Which grease is ideal when not packing the reel and needs to adhere to the gears?

They might not necessarily be the same product. I’ve heard that Yamaha marine lube is a good choice, but when used to pack a reel, it tends to become too tight in cold weather. On the other hand, Corrosion Block grease is well-liked for packing a reel, but it might not be sticky enough when simply applied to the gears. Additionally, it didn’t offer adequate protection on a magnesium body reel I came across. (By the way, magnesium reels can be quite frustrating!)

Cabalen Ouldan
Cabalen Ouldan
8 months ago

Among the various options I’ve come across, I’ve found that Reel Butter, sold under the Ardent brand, is quite effective for both oil and grease, especially on baitcasters. However, my experience is mainly with freshwater fishing, with some brackish water fishing in the past.

Quantum Hot Sauce is another alternative I’ve tried. It does the job well but has a few downsides – it tends to stain everything red and has become more expensive lately.

For a more budget-friendly reel oil, suitable for spinning gear, I’ve used Zebco oil, which has worked fine on everything I’ve tried it on. The same can be said for regular 3 in 1 machine oil. Additionally, I’ve used ABU grease on my spinning gear, which has also proven to be a decent option.

Kalden Wachsel
Kalden Wachsel
8 months ago

In my experience, keeping it simple works best. For gears, friction areas, and drag, I’d recommend Cal’s grease. When it comes to bearings, Boca Lightning oil is a solid choice. As for the worm shaft, Quantum Hot Sauce seems to be effective due to its thicker consistency, which helps it stay on better without accumulating as much debris compared to grease.

Khartien Ralex
Khartien Ralex
8 months ago

So, I heard that someone finally gave in and purchased the Cardinal 55s. Apparently, they were meant to be bought by someone else, but that person didn’t pay, so the opportunity was seized. Now, the plan is to give them a thorough cleaning and some maintenance. Any suggestions for lubricants, grease, or oil would be greatly appreciated. Who knows, maybe this will serve as a reminder to take care of other reels too! 😉

Nemesion Xyra
Nemesion Xyra
8 months ago

I’ve heard that Yamaha blue grease comes highly recommended, and it’s convenient for those who already have it for their outboard motors. Penn Synthetic reel oil is a popular choice for parts that need oil. However, not everyone performs frequent reel maintenance, especially on Shimano spinning reels, as they have numerous small components that can be challenging to reassemble correctly. 

Some people just fish with them for a few years and trade them in at local tackle shops that accept gear trades. To maintain the reels, they simply lube the line roller and bail, then spray with Corrosion X. This was more common when using older Penn reels, which required complete teardowns.

It’s worth noting that squirting oil into the port can thin the grease on the main and pinion gears, potentially causing increased wear.

It’s also essential to disassemble the line roller and bearing, as it’s difficult to test the bearing by merely turning the line roller. You need to hold the center race and outer race, twist, and feel it. Poor line rollers can cause numerous air knots in both braid and mono lines.