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Edmond Thomas asked 2 years ago
What is the best bait for an umbrella rig?

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Sergio Smirnoff Staff answered 2 years ago
Umbrella Fishing Lures is another fishing tackle, for example for sea bass. Here are its main advantages and merits:

  1. It imitates a flock of small fish
  2. You can fish with the five baits at the same time
  3. It makes it possible to catch several fish in a single cast
  4. It increases the chances of successfully catching fish
  5. It is suitable for many types of predatory fish
  6. Allows the angler to change out the different baits on the tackle
  7. You can adjust the distance between lures


Alex – ProFisherman Staff answered 2 years ago
Umbrella jigs essentially allow the angler to cast a shoal of baits on wire shoulders. Depending on how they are set up or weighted, you can fish with an umbrella at different depths and in a variety of situations. You can successfully fish almost anywhere with this jig. They are not very good in dense grass. It is ideal to run the umbrella parallel to the pier, on a rocky shore, around the pilings of a bridge, or on the fracture of the main lake – where sea bass live, these rigs can be successful.


Martin Staff answered 2 years ago

The best tackle for umbrella jigs.

The key to an umbrella rod is to cast well with the rod you choose. If you’re casting a large, heavy tackle, you’ll need a larger 9- to 10-pound rod. If you are using a lighter tackle, you can get by with a much smaller 7-pound length.

For the mainline, it is better to use a discreet 0.30 mm thick fluorocarbon. It is better and more comfortable than braided line, it tangles less when you cast.

If you’re fishing a really big or heavy umbrella rig, a 300-size casting reel is best, designed for heavy use, but for most purposes, a standard bass reel will do as well. A 6:1 or 7:1 gear ratio will work.

Almost any swimbaits will work as bait, as well as baits like small floating fish. They should have a hook strong enough to fit the tackle you are using.

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Martin Staff answered 2 years ago

How to troll with an umbrella rig.

Umbrella jigs are some of the most popular and productive implements of inshore trolling. Umbrellas can be rigged with anything from soft plastic shad to spoons, the traditional rigging consists of “worms like sand eels” made from painted surgical tubing. The tubes are armed with special bent hooks or pieces of wire that make them spin as they are dragged through the water.

Tether line has long been used with umbrella jigs to catch striped bass when the fish are kept well below the surface. A standard setup includes a sturdy boat rod equipped with special carbide rings and a reel loaded with stainless steel trolling wire.

At a typical trolling speed of two to four knots, you can expect one foot of depth for every ten feet of wire in the water. For example, releasing 200 feet of wire will put the rig at 20 feet. This is an easy and accurate way to bring umbrellas up to deep holding fish.

David answered 2 years ago
If you are going to fish from a boat in a freshwater lake, then I suggest you take a look at this video and everything will become clear: what and how to do it.


Bernard answered 1 year ago
Umbrella rigs are a great way to fish for multiple catfish at once. To rig an umbrella, first tie the lead weights to the end of the line. Then, take the two longest leaders and tie them together in a loop. Finally, take the remaining four leaders and put them through the loop created in step two.

Next, bait up each leader with a chunk of worm or liver and fan out the baits until they’re evenly spaced. Cast your umbrella rig into a deep hole near a flat bank and let it sink to the bottom. Then slowly reel it in, allowing the baits to flutter in the current. This will attract catfish from all around!

Wilson answered 1 year ago
There are a few ways to fish umbrella rigs. One way is to let the rig sink all the way to the bottom and then slowly work it back up through the water column. You can also use a stop or a leader about 18-24 inches above your bait to suspend the rig in the water.

Another way to fish umbrella rigs is by casting them out and retrieving them quickly like you would a spinnerbait. Whichever method you choose, make sure you keep your bait moving with some type of action.

Carlos answered 1 year ago
Umbrella rigs can be fished in a variety of ways, but the most popular way to fish them is with a slow and steady retrieve. You can also experiment with different speeds and techniques until you find what works best for you.

When fishing an umbrella rig, it’s important to keep your line tight so the baits stay in formation. You should also use a light tackle rod and reel with 6-10 pound test line for best results.