Vont 2-Pack LED Camping Lantern

Sergio Smirnoff

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LED Camping Lantern

Vont 2 Pack LED Super Bright Portable Survival Lanterns

Why It’s the Best Lantern for Night Fishing

If you’ve ever gone fishing at night, you know that the excitement and mystery that comes with it is second to none. There’s no certainty what you’ll land on in the dark. It could be gigantic catches or just a couple of small fish depending on the season and kind of waters you’re scouring.


One thing’s for sure, exploring the dark waters on a quiet, beautiful night is such a thrill. And what makes any fishing adventure a success is good quality light. Anglers debate about choosing between torches, headlamps, and lanterns when it comes to onboard lighting. I recommend lanterns. Because aside from illuminating your boat, it can also serve as your source of heat during cold nights. In this article, we’ll talk about the best lantern for night fishing. If you’re all about angling after sundown or would like to try, then this one is definitely for you.

Lantern from Vont

The Monster of a Lantern from Vont

Vont began when a group of friends built a powerful bike light. They shared it with their immediate circle who used it as their go-to flashlight for everything. Now leading the smart lights production industry and the maker of the Spark Headlamp, Vont made sure that their latest product would stay consistent with their reputation for creating top-shelf yet inexpensive smart products.

Vont-4-Pask surround light

They shun mass-produced junk that’s why their products are meticulously designed using eco-friendly materials. Vont’s LED Camping Lantern is one of the brightest and most popular LED lanterns on the market with thousands of 5-star ratings.

It’s no surprise that it’s deemed as the best lantern for fishing, survival, camping, and emergency preparedness. Here’s why:

Key Features:

  • Super bright 360 degrees light
  • Battery-efficient with battery life over 12 hours
  • Collapsible for portability and adjusting brightness
  • Button-free opening, simply pull to turn on
  • Water-resistant and weatherproof design
  • Military-grade materials
  • Foldaway handle
  • Two lanterns in one
  • Vont lifetime warranty and support


  • Dimensions: 6 x 5.4 x 3.8 inches
  • Weight w/batteries: 10oz (293g)
  • Light Source: 30 LEDs
  • Lumens: 140
  • Batteries: 6 AA batteries required. (included) 1.5 V
  • Battery Life: Up to 90 Hours
  • Materials: Military/aircraft grade plastic housing, LED bulb, steel handle
  • Customer Reviews: 4,7 out of 5 stars 13,103 customer ratings

Detailed Review

Compact, Easy to Use, and Lightweight

The 2-pack Vont LED Camping Lantern collapses into an ultra-compact package perfect for a minimalist fishing pack. You can turn it on by simply pulling up the handles to expose the LED bulbs, then you will see the light coming out of your lantern.

Vont Super Bright Portable Lantern

No need to find a tiny switch or button especially in the dark. Just push it down to the base, and it switches off. And by extending the lantern, you can increase or dim the light. The two steel handles make carrying and hanging the lantern easy. You can place it on a table, on the ground, and anywhere on your boat. It’s easy to pack and is as small as your phone when it’s collapsed.

Waterproof and Indestructible

The Vont LED lantern has IP44 water, dust, and dirt resistance rating, which means that even if you accidentally drop in on water during a night fishing trip or use it on a heavy rainstorm, it won’t just die out.

Waterproof and Indestructible

And with its aircraft-grade materials, it can survive a 10-foot drop. It looks good, feels robust, and is rugged enough to withstand harsh elements in the great outdoors. This makes it reliable for emergencies such as hurricanes and the rough beatings mother nature can surprise us.

Original and Handcrafted

You will see inferior versions on the market, But Vont has the best quality because it’s the original patent holder for this lantern design. So you can expect a premium and an authentic pack of outdoor lights. It’s handcrafted and intricately designed to a T. With superior quality, the LED lantern looks amazing with a top-notch performance that’s warranted for life.

Super Bright and Long-Lasting

The main feature of outdoor light is, well, it’s light. And you will need the brightest one on the market. The Vont 2-Pack lantern is deemed as the best for its 30 powerful LEDs that exhibit brilliant 360 degrees of light. Meaning, it can cut through pitch darkness and light up your boat and surroundings under a new moon.

Super Powerful Light Lamp

With less power needed to light all the 30 bulbs at peak brightness, the battery lasts over 90 hours which is 3x longer compared to its competitors. It’s also compatible with rechargeable lithium and AA kinds. So you can trust that your overnight fishing adventure will be brightly guided.

The Perfect Gift for Anybody

Vont’s 2-pack LED lantern is the ideal light source for night fishing for many reasons. But it’s also the go-to lamp for outdoor use and emergencies. Anglers will love this and basically anyone in your family who loves camping and survival gadgets. It’s sleek, compact, and just looks cool as a gift. Plus, this affordable pack of two lanterns is a great deal for the price of one. It’s amazing value for money.

Compact Lamp Design


What makes the Vont 2-Pack LED Camping Lantern a crystal-clear standout is its rechargeable batteries. This means that you don’t have to spend extra money on disposables. And we know LED bulbs are bright and efficient.

Given its lower price, it can last for more than 12 hours per night. But that’s still a lot considering you won’t leave it on ‘til morning. It doesn’t have an energy-saving mode, and it’s quite small compared to other lanterns out there. When used indoors, brilliant light can hurt the eyes. It’s waterproof and can survive being submerged in a puddle or lake. It’s lightweight and collapsible yet rugged and durable. The steel handles are solid. It’s highly packable, perfect for travel.

Now, all these just pinpoint what it specifically is—a compact, energy-efficient, and reliable outdoor lantern.  For under $20, you get two lanterns that look amazing and work like a charm. Whether your nighttime fishing expedition is a sport, for leisure, or for business, this LED lantern fits the bill.

Sergio Smirnoff
Sergio Smirnoff
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1 year ago

It sounds like Vont has a strong foundation and a clear mission to produce high-quality, affordable smart products. The fact that the company started with a group of friends sharing a powerful bike light and has now grown to be a leader in the smart lights production industry is impressive. The Spark Headlamp, their latest product, seems like it will continue to uphold Vont’s reputation for producing top-shelf products at an affordable price. Overall, it seems like Vont is a company to watch in the smart lights industry.

Aexetan WS
Aexetan WS
1 year ago

I recently purchased the Vont 2-pack LED camping lantern for a backpacking trip and was extremely impressed with the brightness and durability of the lantern. They were small enough to easily pack in my backpack but provided enough light to light up my entire campsite. The battery life was also impressive, lasting the entire duration of my trip. Highly recommend these lanterns for anyone in need of a reliable light source while camping or backpacking.

Product Name
Vont 2-pack LED camping lantern
1 year ago

I have been using the Vont LED camping lanterns for years and they have never let me down. They are extremely durable and have withstood harsh weather conditions on multiple camping trips. The brightness is also impressive and has made it easy to navigate around the campsite at night. I would highly recommend these lanterns to anyone in need of a reliable light source while camping or backpacking.

Product Name
Vont LED camping lanterns
1 year ago

I recently purchased the Vont 2-pack LED camping lanterns for a family camping trip and was blown away by their performance. The lanterns provided more than enough light to light up our campsite and the battery life was impressive, lasting the entire duration of our trip. I was also impressed with the durability of the lanterns, as they were able to withstand rough handling and being knocked over. Overall, I would highly recommend the Vont LED camping lanterns to anyone in need of a reliable light source while camping or backpacking.

Product Name
Vont 2-pack LED camping lanterns
1 year ago

I have been using the Vont 2 Pack LED Camping Lanterns for a few months now and they have become an indispensable part of my camping gear. The lanterns are very bright, providing excellent illumination for my campsite. They are also very easy to use and the battery life is impressive. I love the fact that they come in a pack of two, so I always have a backup. Overall, I am very satisfied with my purchase and would highly recommend these lanterns to anyone in need of a reliable lighting solution for their outdoor adventures.

Product Name
Vont 2 Pack LED Camping Lanterns
Mark S. Soto
Mark S. Soto
1 year ago

The Vont 2-Pack LED Camping Lanterns have exceeded my expectations. Not only are they bright and efficient, but they are also extremely durable. I have taken them on several camping trips and they have held up well in all types of weather. The battery life is also impressive, lasting all night on a single charge. I would definitely recommend these lanterns to anyone in need of a reliable lighting solution for their outdoor adventures.

Product Name
Vont 2-Pack LED Camping Lanterns
Bryan Galvan
Bryan Galvan
1 year ago

I recently purchased the Vont 2 Pack LED Camping Lantern for a camping trip and I am extremely happy with my purchase. The lanterns are bright, lightweight, and easy to use. They are perfect for illuminating the inside of my tent or hanging outside for some extra light while cooking. The battery life is also impressive, lasting all night on a single charge. I would highly recommend these lanterns to anyone in need of reliable and efficient lighting while camping or hiking.

Product Name
Vont 2 Pack LED Camping Lantern