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Accurate Reels

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🎣 Welcome to the World of Precision Fishing! 🎣

Are you tired of missed catches and subpar performance from your fishing reel? Say no more! We present to you the ultimate solution – Accurate Fishing Reels. These reels are not just a tool, but a game-changer for every angler who demands nothing but the best.

Quick Summary

🌟 Why Choose Accurate Fishing Reels? 🌟

Precision Engineered: Our reels are designed with the utmost precision to guarantee you have total control when reeling in that big catch.

Built to Last: Crafted with high-quality materials, Accurate reels are durable and resistant to the harsh marine environment.

Improved Catch Rates: Say goodbye to missed opportunities. With Accurate reels, you’ll increase your catch rate and reel in the big one every time.

🚀 Elevate Your Angling Experience 🚀

Accurate Fishing Reels are not just another addition to your fishing gear; they are an upgrade to your entire fishing experience. Whether you’re a professional angler or a weekend warrior, our reels will provide you with the precision and durability you need to master the water.

Say goodbye to the frustration of missed catches and hello to a new era of fishing success. Get hooked on precision, durability, and success. Get hooked on Accurate Fishing Reels.

🔥 Ready to Reel in Success? 🔥

Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Experience the magic of Accurate Fishing Reels and elevate your angling game to new heights. Your fishing adventure deserves nothing but the best, and that’s exactly what we offer.

Mastering the Water with Accurate Fishing Reels

Accurate Fishing Reel

For a professional angler, every piece of equipment matters – from the fishing rod to the bait. However, one piece of gear that often doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves is the fishing reel. A top-quality reel can make a significant difference in your fishing experience, impacting everything from your casting distance to your ability to reel in a big catch. A reliable reel ensures smoother line retrieval, better drag performance, and ultimately, higher success rates in catching fish. It is not just a tool but a critical companion in every angling adventure.

Reeling in Precision: An Introduction to Accurate Fishing Reels

In the world of angling, precision and reliability are everything. That’s where Accurate Fishing Reels come into play. Accurate has been a leader in the fishing industry for years, consistently delivering reels that are engineered for success. Known for their precision engineering and durable construction, Accurate reels are designed to withstand the most challenging fishing conditions and deliver exceptional performance every time.

Accurate Fishing Reels are not just about precision, but also about enhancing the overall angling experience. From the innovative technology used in their design to the meticulous attention to detail in their construction, every aspect of an Accurate reel is crafted with the professional angler in mind.

Key features of Accurate Fishing Reels include:

☑️ Precision Engineering: Accurate reels are designed with a high degree of precision to ensure smooth line retrieval and optimal drag performance.

☑️ Durable Construction: Made with high-quality materials, Accurate reels are built to withstand the harsh marine environment and the strain of big game fishing.

☑️ Innovative Design: Accurate constantly innovates and updates its reel designs to incorporate the latest technology and meet the demands of modern anglers.

In a world where every cast counts, having a reel that you can rely on is crucial. Accurate Fishing Reels provide the reliability, durability, and precision that professional anglers need to succeed. Whether you’re battling a monster marlin or casting for bass, Accurate reels are engineered to help you master the water. 🎣✨

Top List Best Accurate Reels – Editor’s Choice

1# Accurate ATD Platinum TWINDRAG Conventional Reel

Accurate ATD Platinum TWINDRAG Conventional Reel

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ATD Platinum TwinDrag® is the flagship series of the Precision line. This reel is designed with the Accurate TwinDrag® feature for more powerful and smoother fish retrieval. The larger ATD models can handle over 100 pounds of resistance when pulling out the bluefin and marlin giant tunas. They withstand loads of this resistance due to the uniform pressure applied to both sides of the reel with two synchronized dogs for maximum stopping power. These reels will provide you with smooth and consistent drag throughout the fight with fish with minimal launch inertia. If you want to get the most out of your coarse fishing, the ATD is the best choice for you. This reel consists of 7 bearings and 17-4 gears. They are made of stainless steel. This makes the reel resistant to corrosion and rust.

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2# Accurate Boss Dauntless DX2-500 Reel

The Dauntless is an Accurate’s Flagship reel. This lightweight and durable reel features a stainless steel ARB bearing and twin synced dogs for maximum stopping power. Accurate’s patented TwinDrag® delivers smooth and consistent drag.

Accurate Boss Dauntless DX2-500 Reel

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It’s one of the most practical reels on the market. It comes in black and silver. Its mechanism provides maximum braking power. Gear Ratio is 6: 1, 3: 1. Weight 24.3 oz. The advantage of this reel is the sleeved spool for increased castability.

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3# Accurate Valiant BV2-400-B Black Conventional Reel

The Valiant series of fishing reels have become popular in a very short time due to their high quality and performance. Reels are designed with CVX® technology. The reels are distinguished by their curved design. Curved frames and side panels are lighter in weight, but the reel is stronger and more powerful. The coil is not only the lightest but also eliminates the occurrence of resistance fluctuations. This series of reels feature a free spool so you can put all your energy into fighting the fish.

Accurate Valiant BV2-400-B Reel

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Accurate fishing reel with CVX technology and TwinDrag function. Thanks to the advanced lightweight design, you can fish for a long time without tired hands. The reel has an ARB which is made of stainless steel. You cannot be afraid of the early wear of materials. The reel is equipped with a patented DirecShift 2-speed mechanism.

4# Accurate Valiant BV-500N Reel Right-Handed

Accurate Valiant BV-500N Reel

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Now fishing will become easier and more enjoyable. Lightest reel with CVX technology. Anglers appreciate this reel not only for its lightweight but also for its stronger gear shaft. This allows for increased torque. The reel is also equipped with a sleeved spool, which increases castability.

5# Accurate Valiant BV2-500-B Black Conventional Reel

Accurate Valiant BV2-500-B Reel

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The stylish black reel will appeal to any angler who appreciates not only the performance but also the look of the reel. It is equipped with a comfortable grip for extended fishing. The reel weighs 16.3 ounces and has a 6: 1/3: 1 gear ratio. The coil has a maximum drag of 30.

6# Accurate Boss Fury Single Speed Reel

Boss Extreme reels are the brand’s first products. These reels are the first to be equipped with the TwinDrag® system. The reels of this series have been improved and are made from stronger, lighter materials, and also have a new design.

Accurate Boss Fury Single Speed Reel

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This Fury series reel is made of durable materials and has a uniquely attractive design. The reel is equipped with four class 5 ABEC bearings in stainless steel. This allows the reel not to wear out ahead of time and, on the contrary, prolongs its useful life. It also has stainless steel gears. The reel is equipped with a double anti-reverse dawg system.

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7# Accurate Boss Valiant 600 Narrow BV-600N-B

Accurate Boss Valiant 600 Narrow

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This reel is so light that it is hardly felt in the hands. Therefore, you can rest assured that you can extend your fishing hours. If you’ve never used an Accurate reel, you’ll be thrilled with the TwinDrag® feature. The materials are incredibly durable, allowing you to use the reel for many years.

8# Accurate Boss Valiant 1000 2 Speed

Accurate Boss Valiant 1000 Reel

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This reel provides over 40 pounds of drag and is also equipped with a TwinDrag feature. This ensures smoother as well as increased strength and reliability during use. The reel also features a larger grip for greater comfort. It also has a sleeved spool for good linearity. The reel is equipped with a DirecShift mechanism for instant engagement.

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9# Accurate Fury 2 Speed Conventional Reel

Accurate Fury Conventional Reel

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These reels are in the low price range and are suitable for anglers on a budget, but they are powerful and have the same characteristics as the best Accurate reels. If you are looking for a good reel at an attractive price, then the Fury is the reel for you.

10# Accurate Tern Star Drag TX-600

If you want smooth star drag, then this is a perfect choice. TwinStarDrag is designed so that you can have power over fish and put more pressure on it. The reel is equipped with a light yet strong frame thanks to CVX technology. This series of reels provides high strength, castability as well as smooth braking.

Accurate Tern Star Drag TX-600

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This is the First Star Drag Reel made from aircraft-grade aluminum. This reel has an attractive design and high quality. It has high performance and power. It has a smooth drag and drop system and can handle just about anything.

Video review

11# Accurate Tern TX-400XL Star Drag Reel

Accurate Tern TX-400XL Star Drag Reel

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First Star Drag Reel with CVX design. The reel has an anti-reverse bearing, which is made of stainless steel for long-lasting use. The device has a braid capacity: 500/50 and a 6: 1 gear ratio. It also has a power knob.

Video review

The Anatomy of Accurate Fishing Reels

Accurate Valiant Conventional Reel

The Building Blocks of Success: Inside Accurate Fishing Reels

Understanding the components of Accurate Fishing Reels is key to appreciating their superior performance and durability. Each part is meticulously designed and crafted to work harmoniously with the others, resulting in a reel that delivers exceptional performance in every angling scenario.

🟨 Spool: The spool is where the fishing line is wound. Accurate spools are designed to minimize line friction, allowing for smoother and longer casts. The spools also feature a braid-ready design, eliminating the need for backing and ensuring a secure connection between the line and the spool.

🟨 Drag System: One of the most critical components of any fishing reel, the drag system on Accurate reels is second to none. It provides smooth and consistent pressure on the line when a fish pulls, helping to prevent line breaks and lost fish. The TwinDrag® system, a unique feature of Accurate reels, distributes the drag pressure on both sides of the spool, resulting in smoother drag performance and increased heat dissipation.

🟨 Gearing: The gears are the heart of the reel and are responsible for transforming the rotation of the handle into the winding of the line onto the spool. Accurate reels feature stainless steel gears that are precisely machined for optimal meshing and smooth operation. This ensures a powerful and efficient retrieval of the line, even under heavy loads.

🟨 Body and Frame: The body and frame of Accurate reels are made of high-grade aluminum, providing a lightweight yet incredibly strong and rigid structure. This ensures that all the components stay in perfect alignment, even under the strain of battling big fish.

🟨 Bearings: Accurate uses only top-quality stainless steel ball bearings that are specially treated for corrosion resistance. These bearings ensure smooth operation and longevity of the reel, even in saltwater environments.

Component by Component: The DNA of Accurate Fishing Reels

Each component of an Accurate reel contributes to its overall performance:

  • The spool allows for longer and smoother casts.
  • The drag system ensures smooth and consistent pressure to prevent line breaks.
  • The gears provide powerful and efficient line retrieval.
  • The body and frame keep all the components in perfect alignment.
  • The bearings ensure smooth operation and longevity of the reel.

Together, these components work harmoniously to deliver a reel that is reliable, durable, and incredibly efficient – a reel that is engineered for success in every angling scenario.

Accurate reels are not just assembled; they are crafted. Each component is meticulously designed and manufactured to the highest standards, resulting in a reel that stands out in terms of performance, durability, and reliability. It’s this attention to detail that sets Accurate reels apart from the rest and makes them a worthy investment for any serious angler. 🎣🌟

The Science of Success: Accurate Fishing Reels’ Cutting-Edge Technology

Accurate Valiant Red Conventional Reel

Accurate Fishing Reels are not just products; they are technological marvels. The brand continuously invests in research and development to ensure its reels are equipped with the latest technology and engineering advancements, setting them apart from competitors and enhancing anglers’ success and satisfaction.

🔲 TwinDrag® System: The patented TwinDrag® system is a revolutionary feature unique to Accurate reels. Traditional reels apply drag pressure only on one side of the spool, which can lead to uneven heat distribution and inconsistent drag pressure. The TwinDrag® system, on the other hand, distributes the drag pressure on both sides of the spool, resulting in smoother drag performance, increased heat dissipation, and ultimately, a higher chance of successfully landing big fish.

🔲 CVX® Technology: Accurate’s CVX® technology involves a unique reel design that reduces the reel’s overall weight while maintaining its strength and durability. This innovative design results in a lightweight reel that minimizes angler fatigue without compromising on performance or reliability.

🔲 Sleeved Spool: The sleeved spool design in Accurate reels helps eliminate spool flex, maintaining a more consistent and even line lay. This results in longer casts and prevents line digging into the spool under heavy loads, which is crucial when battling big fish.

Engineering Excellence: How Technology Boosts Your Catch Rate

The innovative technology integrated into Accurate Fishing Reels contributes significantly to increasing catch rates and enhancing the angling experience:

  • The TwinDrag® system ensures smooth and consistent drag performance, reducing the chances of line breaks and lost fish.
  • The CVX® technology allows anglers to fish for longer periods without experiencing fatigue, increasing their chances of success.
  • The sleeved spool design ensures longer casts and prevents line digging, critical factors in successfully landing big fish.

Together, these technological advancements result in a reel that not only enhances your angling experience but also increases your success rate. Accurate Fishing Reels are not just tools; they are engineered masterpieces designed to help you master the water and reel in success.

In a world where every catch matters, having a reel equipped with the latest technology is crucial. Accurate Fishing Reels provide the technological edge needed to succeed in modern angling. Whether you are a professional angler or a recreational fisher, investing in an Accurate reel means investing in technology engineered for success. 🏆🎣✨

A Cut Above the Rest: Accurate Fishing Reels vs. Other Brands

In a market flooded with fishing reel brands, it is crucial to make an informed decision when choosing the right reel for your angling needs. This section provides a comparative analysis of Accurate Fishing Reels with other popular brands in the market, highlighting the unique features and advantages that set Accurate reels apart.

Feature Accurate Other Brands
Drag System Accurate’s patented TwinDrag® system evenly distributes drag pressure on both sides of the spool, ensuring smooth drag performance, increased heat dissipation, and a higher chance of successfully landing big fish. Most other brands use a traditional drag system that applies pressure only on one side of the spool, which can lead to uneven heat distribution and inconsistent drag pressure.
Reel Weight With its innovative CVX® technology, Accurate reels are lightweight without compromising strength and durability. This design minimizes angler fatigue, allowing for longer fishing sessions. While some other brands offer lightweight reels, they often compromise on the reel’s strength and durability.
Spool Design Accurate reels feature a sleeved spool design that eliminates spool flex, maintains consistent line lay, and prevents line digging into the spool under heavy loads. Most other brands use a traditional spool design, which can lead to line digging and inconsistent line lay under heavy loads.

Unique by Design: The Accurate Advantage in Fishing Reels

Accurate Fishing Reels stand out in several key areas that contribute to their superior performance and reliability:

Feature Explanation
TwinDrag® System This patented system ensures smooth and consistent drag performance, reducing the risk of line breaks and lost fish.
CVX® Technology This innovative design results in a lightweight reel that minimizes angler fatigue without compromising on performance or durability.
Sleeved Spool This design feature ensures longer casts, prevents line digging, and contributes to successfully landing big fish.

Accurate Fishing Reels are designed with the professional angler in mind, incorporating innovative features and technology that provide a distinct advantage in the water. While other brands offer quality products, Accurate reels stand out for their innovative technology, superior performance, and reliability. Investing in an Accurate reel is an investment in your angling success. 🥇🎣✨

Unlock Your Reel’s Full Potential: Expert Tips and Tricks

Accurate Fishing Cover Small

Accurate reels are designed for peak performance, but like any high-quality fishing gear, they require proper care and use to maintain their top-notch performance. Here are some expert tips and tricks for maintaining and optimizing the performance of your Accurate fishing reel:

Maintenance/Usage Category Tips/Recommendations Explanation
Regular Cleaning and Maintenance After Each Use Rinse the reel gently with fresh water to remove any salt, sand, or debris. Do not use a high-pressure hose as this can force salt and debris into the reel.
Thorough Cleaning Every few months or after a grueling session, remove the spool and handle, clean all parts with a soft brush and mild soapy water, rinse thoroughly, and dry completely before reassembling.
Lubrication Moving Parts Regularly lubricate the reel’s moving parts with high-quality reel oil or grease. Focus on the bearings, gears, and drag system. Do not over-lubricate.
Line Replacement Checking Line Regularly check the fishing line for wear and tear such as fraying, nicks, or weakening. Replace the line if damaged.
Spooling New Line When spooling new line, wind it tightly and evenly across the spool to prevent line dig and ensure longer, smoother casts.
Drag System Adjustment Before Fishing Adjust the drag setting according to the target fish species and fishing conditions. The TwinDrag® system allows for very fine adjustments.
Storage Store the reel in a cool, dry place, preferably in a reel case to protect it from dust and moisture.

Reel Wisdom: Using Your Accurate Reel Effectively

Different types of fishing require different reel settings and techniques. Here’s how to use your Accurate reel effectively for various types of fishing:

Fishing Type Recommendations Explanation
Trolling Drag Setting Set the drag at approximately one-third of the line’s breaking strength. This allows the fish to take the bait without snapping the line, while still providing enough resistance to set the hook.
Jigging Reel and Drag Setting Use a high-speed reel and adjust the drag to a higher setting than usual. This helps to quickly set the hook and prevents the fish from diving into structure.
Bottom Fishing Drag Adjustment Set the drag to a medium setting initially. Adjust the drag as needed during the fight to prevent the fish from pulling drag and escaping into structure.
Casting Reel and Drag Adjustment Use a reel with a higher gear ratio for faster line retrieval. Adjust the drag to a medium setting for long, smooth casts, and fine-tune the drag during the fight as needed.

Remember, Accurate reels are designed for precision and performance. By properly maintaining your reel and adjusting it according to your fishing technique, you can maximize its performance and increase your chances of landing that trophy catch. 🎣🏆✨

A Reel Difference: The Accurate Advantage

As we reel in our discussion, it’s important to recap the key points that make Accurate Fishing Reels a game-changer for any professional angler.

♾️ Innovative Design: Accurate reels boast several patented technologies like the TwinDrag® system and CVX® technology. These features ensure smooth drag performance, lightweight design, and minimize angler fatigue, all without compromising strength and durability.

♾️ Superior Performance: The sleeved spool design, innovative drag system, and high-quality materials all contribute to longer casts, consistent line lay, and a higher chance of successfully landing big fish.

♾️ Versatility: Accurate reels are designed to optimize performance for various types of fishing, from trolling and jigging to bottom fishing and casting. The fine-tuning capabilities of the drag system and the availability of reels with different gear ratios make them suitable for a wide range of fishing styles.

♾️ Maintenance and Longevity: With proper maintenance, Accurate reels will provide peak performance for years. Regular cleaning, proper lubrication, and correct line spooling are all essential aspects of reel maintenance, and Accurate reels are designed to make these tasks as straightforward as possible.

A Worthy Investment 🎣

Investing in an Accurate reel is not just about purchasing a fishing reel; it’s about investing in a tool that can elevate your angling experience. The superior design, performance, and versatility of Accurate reels make them an invaluable addition to any professional angler’s toolkit.

Remember, in the world of professional angling, every detail matters. From the drag system’s smoothness to the reel’s weight and the spool’s design, every component plays a crucial role in determining success on the water.

Accurate Fishing Reels are not just reels; they are a commitment to excellence, a promise of durability, and a guarantee of success. So, make the right choice, invest in Accurate, and experience the difference that precision engineering can make to your angling adventures. 🎣✨

Real Reel Reviews: Anglers Weigh In 🎣

When it comes to fishing gear, nothing is more convincing than hearing directly from fellow anglers who have tested the waters. Below, we share some experiences from professional anglers who have reeled in success with Accurate Fishing Reels.

Testimonial 1

“I have been a professional angler for over 15 years, and I have tried almost every reel on the market. Accurate reels are by far the most reliable and durable I have ever used. The TwinDrag® system is a game-changer, and it has helped me land some monster fish that I would have lost with other reels. These reels are worth every penny!”
– Mark Thompson, Professional Angler

Testimonial 2

“Accurate reels are incredibly lightweight, which is essential for me during long fishing sessions. The CVX® technology is impressive, and it’s clear that a lot of engineering has gone into making these reels as efficient as possible. I can cast further and fight fish longer without getting tired. Accurate has become my go-to brand for all my fishing adventures.”
– Emily Davis, Tournament Angler

Testimonial 3

“The versatility of Accurate reels is unmatched. I love that I can adjust the drag so finely, and the high gear ratio options are perfect for my casting needs. Plus, the sleeved spool design ensures that my line lay is always consistent, which is crucial when I’m targeting big fish. I can confidently say that Accurate reels have upped my fishing game!”
– Alex Kim, Charter Captain

❓ FAQs about Accurate Fishing Reels

What makes Accurate Fishing Reels different from other brands?
Accurate Fishing Reels are designed with patented technologies like the TwinDrag® system, CVX® technology, and a sleeved spool design. These features ensure smooth and consistent drag performance, a lightweight yet durable reel, and consistent line lay, respectively, which are crucial for a successful fishing experience.
Are Accurate Fishing Reels suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing?
Yes, Accurate Fishing Reels are designed to perform optimally in both freshwater and saltwater environments. However, it is essential to clean and maintain the reel properly after each use, especially in saltwater, to ensure its longevity.
How do I maintain my Accurate Fishing Reel?
After each use, especially in saltwater, rinse the reel gently with fresh water to remove any salt, sand, or debris. Every few months, or after a particularly grueling fishing session, do a more thorough cleaning by removing the spool and handle and cleaning all parts with a soft brush and mild soapy water. Rinse thoroughly, dry completely, lubricate moving parts with high-quality reel oil or grease, and reassemble.
How often should I replace the line on my Accurate Fishing Reel?
Regularly check the fishing line for wear and tear, such as fraying, nicks, or weakening. Replace the line if it shows any signs of damage. How frequently you need to replace the line depends on how often you fish and the conditions in which you fish.
Can I adjust the drag during a fight with a fish?
Yes, the TwinDrag® system of Accurate reels allows for very fine adjustments, so you can fine-tune the drag during the fight as needed. However, it’s essential to practice adjusting the drag beforehand to get a feel for it and to ensure you don’t set it too tight or too loose during the fight.

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10 months ago

As a fishing enthusiast, I recently had the opportunity to try out Accurate’s latest addition to their reel line-up, the Tern. This is the first time the US manufacturer has ventured into the star drag market and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed with the product.

The Tern reels are constructed using 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum, which makes them not only tough but also light and incredibly strong. Accurate has utilized the CVX technology, which is essentially a unique method of manufacturing aluminum using a special fast and controlled hardening process. The result is a reel that looks and feels great.

One of the standout features of the Tern is the twin star drag system, which is a first for star drag reels. Accurate has also installed stainless steel and carbon fiber washers on each side of the main gear, which provides an incredibly smooth drag. Additionally, the reels incorporate a stainless steel anti-reverse bearing and 17-4 heat-treated steel gears and gear shafts. The power knob/handle is another impressive feature that comes standard on all models in the range.

I had the opportunity to try out both the 300X and 400X models, and they both had a 6:1 retrieve ratio, which equates to 96cm per crank, and around 13KG+ of drag. The lever-style clutch and “clicker” button were easy to use and added to the overall experience of using the reel. There are also large drainage holes at the base of the reels to release any saltwater that intrudes.

The presentation of the Tern reels is also noteworthy. The aluminum finish is stylish with a slightly brushed pattern, a black handle and rod mounting base, and a large power knob that combines both silver and black aluminum finish. Overall, these reels look the business.

In New Zealand, Accurate reels are distributed by Decoro Fishing Supplies, who offer a two-year free service program. If you’re in the market for a new reel, I highly recommend giving the Tern a try. It’s a great addition to any angler’s arsenal.

10 months ago

I recently got my hands on an “Accurate” ATD Platinum reel, and I have to say, I am thoroughly impressed. The precision and care put into its construction are evident, with the same level of attention to detail you might expect from an exclusive wristwatch. I learned that “Accurate” primarily manufactures turbine blades for jet engines, and the quality of their reels reflects that expertise. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum bar stock, these reels are built to last and are incredibly dependable and reliable.

One of the standout features of the ATD Platinum range is its calibrated pre-set adjustment for the lever drag mechanism, allowing the clutch to be pre-set at repeatable and reliable settings. To ensure the clutch is correctly pre-set, it’s recommended to set it around 30% of the breaking strain of your chosen line when pulled through the tip guide of your rod under the correct load. The twin-clutch system on all “Accurate” reels acts on both ends of the spool, ensuring the clutch is progressive and won’t snatch as the line is pulled off under load by a hard-fighting trophy fish.

I have loaded my ATD 30 reel with 300 yds of 65 lbs B.S. Berkley Braid line, over approximately 350 yards of 50 lb monofilament backing line, although it can easily accommodate braid lines of perhaps 80 lbs through to 120 lbs BS.

What’s impressive is that all spare parts are listed, together with individual prices, on an “exploded” diagram and also on the “Accurate” website. These parts are readily obtainable by return post from Accurate’s factory in California. To top it off, there’s even a free video on their website that shows you step-by-step how to strip down, service and re-build your own “Accurate” single-speed reel. The 2-speed reels are broadly similar, and most of the information on these videos applies across the range.

Personally, I cannot wait to put this reel to the test on some big feisty Conger Eels this summer. I have yet to break the 100 lb barrier for this species, but I have no doubt that my new “Accurate” ATD 30 model will cope admirably if and when I do connect with a true leviathan of the deep.

I already own a couple of “Accurate” reels, including the B2-870 2-speed reel, which I love for a great deal of my fishing. I also have a pair of their single-speed B-870C reels, which have given me several seasons of reliable, dependable use. Recently “Accurate” produced their 2-speed B2-270 model, which is similar but a little smaller, comparable in size to an Abu 7000 or 7500 model.

I have an old single-speed B-270C “Accurate ” reel, which my wife bought almost 10 years ago. With regular care and simple maintenance, it is still as good today as the day when she bought it, despite some very hard use. The new 2-speed B2-270 model offers several additional features, including a two-speed retrieve system that offers ratios of either 6:1 or 3:1, immediately selectable by pressing a small stainless steel button in the center of the hub of the reel handle. It also has a cast control knob, located on the base plate of the reel case, which works by “feathering” the disc brake to check the spool by simple friction.

Xalonde Lody
Xalonde Lody
10 months ago

As a fishing enthusiast, I can say that the Valiant series of reels are some of the most impressive reels I’ve used. The unique shape design of these reels, with its focus on curvature lines, not only creates strength but also reduces weight. This makes the reels comfortable to use all day long, and they are capable of putting out at least 20 pounds of drag even in the smallest size.

I’m impressed by the materials used in the construction of these reels, including 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum, 17-4 stainless steel gears and shaft, and a new stainless steel ARB bearing. These materials make the reels very powerful and durable, able to handle any pelagic gamefish or coastal quarry with ease.

What’s even more impressive is Accurate’s patented TwinDrag™ system, which applies drag to both sides of the reel spool. This creates a much more balanced load on the bearings and spool shaft, resulting in stronger, smoother drag and double heat dissipation. It also requires less pressure to be applied to each side of the spool, allowing for precise drag settings with very little drag fluctuation.

When compared to a standard lever-operated, single-drag reel, the TwinDrag™ reel applies only half the amount of side pressure to each side of the spool, resulting in less heat buildup and uneven, jerky drag performance. And with Accurate’s precision-adjusted drag, the fluctuation in the total drag range is less than 1 pound when the line is drawn at any speed from the spool.

I’m also excited about Accurate’s new Platinum TwinDrag reels, which have a preset lever and a graduated, alphabetical “letter” scale for easy and precise drag adjustment. Overall, the Valiant series of reels and Accurate’s TwinDrag™ system are game-changers in the fishing industry, providing anglers with a lightweight, powerful combo for hours of fishing pleasure.

Daarbi Urastan
Daarbi Urastan
10 months ago

As an avid angler and member of the fishing community, I highly recommend checking out our forums to read reviews, news, and support for Accurate Reels. You can find valuable information about Accurate fishing reels and learn which ones are the best fit for your needs.

Accurate Fishing is a top player in the industry, having invented the TwinDrag system which provides increased range and stopping power. They also offer a complete range of Boss Fury reels with a single drag system. Whether you need a single-speed or two-speed model, Accurate has a saltwater fishing reel that will meet your needs.

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