Fishing QuestionsCategory: Daiwa FAQWhere are Daiwa reels made?
Botonasan asked 2 years ago

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Alex – ProFisherman Staff answered 2 years ago
Daiwa reels are made in a variety of countries. Some lower-end models are made in China, while more expensive models are made in Japan.

Daiwa Fishing Reels

David answered 2 years ago
Daiwa reels are made in Japan. Some lower-priced models are also made in China. Most Daiwa reel models are produced in various Asian countries.

Bernard answered 2 years ago
As of 2018, Daiwa reels are manufactured in Kobetsu, Japan.

Daiwa has been manufacturing fishing tackle since the 1950s and began selling reels in 1961. The company has a long history of innovation and excellence in reel design and manufacturing, and today Daiwa is one of the leading name brands in the fishing reel market. Daiwa’s reputation for quality makes their reels highly sought-after by fishermen worldwide.

Daiwa’s Kobetsu facility is world-renowned for its cutting-edge technology and meticulous attention to detail. Every Daiwa reel is designed and built with the utmost care to ensure that it meets the highest standards of quality and performance. This commitment to excellence has made Daiwa one of the most trusted names in fishing.

If you’re looking for a top-quality fishing reel, look no further than Daiwa. With a reputation for quality and performance, Daiwa reels are sure to help you land the big one.

Carlos answered 2 years ago
Daiwa reels are made in several factories around the world, but the majority of production takes place in Daiwa’s own facilities in China and Japan. Daiwa has strict quality control standards in place, so regardless of where a particular reel is made, you can be confident that it will meet Daiwa’s high standards for performance and durability.

Wilson answered 2 years ago
Daiwa is a Japanese company that specializes in the manufacturing of fishing reels and other fishing equipment. The company has its headquarters in Osaka, Japan, and also has several manufacturing facilities in other countries such as China and Thailand. Daiwa is one of the leading companies in the fishing reel industry and its products are highly regarded by anglers all over the world.

While Daiwa does have manufacturing facilities in other countries, the vast majority of its reels are made in Japan. This is due to the fact that Japanese workers are highly skilled and have a reputation for producing high-quality products. Additionally, Daiwa employs strict quality control measures at their factories to ensure that all of their reels meet their exacting standards.

Martin Staff answered 2 years ago
Daiwa reels are made in China and Japan. Daiwa’s Chinatown factory started production in 1986, and their Kamaishi factory in Japan opened in 1974.