Fishing QuestionsCategory: Bottom Fishing FAQWhat can I use for bottom fishing?
Stephen Childress asked 1 year ago
How do you rig up for bottom fishing?

6 Answers
Bernard answered 1 year ago
There are many options for bottom fishing. Some people prefer to use weighted jigs, while others like to use natural bait. Worms and minnows are both good choices for bait.

Be sure to use a sturdy rod and reel, as bottom fishing can be a strenuous activity. Make sure you are well-prepared before hitting the water and have a great time catching dinner!

Carlos answered 1 year ago
Some good baits for bottom fishing include nightcrawlers, shrimp, squid, and artificial lures.

Nightcrawlers are probably the best bait for bottom fishing because they are very effective at attracting fish. They can be used with a variety of different rigs, and they are also relatively inexpensive.

Shrimp is also a good choice for bottom fishing, and they can be used in conjunction with artificial lures to attract fish.

Squid is another excellent bait for bottom fishing, and it is particularly effective at attracting big fish.

Artificial lures can be very effective when bottom fishing as well, but it is important to use the right type of lure for the particular type of fish you are targeting.

Alex – ProFisherman Staff answered 1 year ago
When bottom fishing, there are a number of different lures you can use. Jigs, crankbaits, plastic worms, and spinnerbaits are all popular choices.

Each type of lure has its own strengths and weaknesses. For example, jigs are good for attracting fish that are hiding among the rocks on the bottom of the river, while crankbaits are better for attracting fish that are swimming in open water.

It’s important to experiment with different lures to see what works best in your particular fishing situation. The key is to find a lure that mimics the natural prey of the fish you’re targeting.

David answered 1 year ago
Bottom fishing is a great way to catch a variety of different types of fish. You’ll need some supplies before you get started, including a fishing rod and reel, line, weights, and bait.

To rig for bottom fishing, attach a weight to the end of your line. This will help you to cast your line down to the bottom of the water where the fish are hiding. Make sure you use enough weight to get your bait all the way down there, but not so much that it pulls your bait off the hook.

Next, tie on a long piece of leader line (at least six feet). This will help you to avoid getting tangled up in rocks or other debris at the bottom of the water. Finally, tie on your bait of choice – worms or other live bait work well for bottom fishing.

Cast your line out into the water and let it sink down to the bottom. Once you feel a tug on the line, reel in your catch! Rinse and repeat until you’ve caught your limit.

Wilson answered 1 year ago
Bottom fishing can be done in many ways, with a number of different rigs. The most common type of rig for bottom fishing is the Carolina rig. This type of rig uses a heavy weight to hold the bait down near the bottom, with a light line and hook above it.

Another type of bottom fishing rig is called a sliding sinker rig. This rig has a sinker that slides up and down the line, allowing you to adjust the depth at which you’re fishing. There are also many other types of rigs that can be used for bottom fishing, depending on the type of bait you’re using and the type of fish you’re trying to catch.

Bottom fishing can be a great way to catch fish when they’re feeding on the bottom. It’s also a good way to fish in areas where there is a lot of structure, such as reefs or shipwrecks. By using the right rig and bait, you can catch a variety of different fish when bottom fishing.

Martin Staff answered 1 year ago
Bottom fishing can be a great way to catch fish when the weather is bad or when you don’t have a lot of time. All you need is a simple bottom rig and some bait.

To make a bottom rig, tie a weight (such as a sinker) to one end of your line, and tie a hook to the other end. You can use any type of bait that you like, such as worms, minnows, or insects. Simply cast your line out and let it sink to the bottom, then wait for a fish to bite. When a fish bites, gently pull on the line until you can reel it in.

Bottom rigs are very simple to use and can be extremely effective for catching fish. Give it a try the next time you go fishing!

Lastly, don’t forget to use the right knots for bottom fishing.