Fishing QuestionsCategory: Fishing Bait FAQHow to rig a soft bait onto different hooks?
PatrickMen asked 2 years ago
How to put a silicone bait on an offset hook? Prepare silicone bait for fishing. Installing the hooks. How to rig a soft bait with a worm hook?

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Martin Staff answered 2 years ago

How to make a simple jighead, offset hook, dropshot hook, and double hooks on a silicon bait.

An ordinary hook or jig head. From the beginning, we pick up the length of the hook depending on the size of the silicon. And perform the bait as a rainy worm. The tail of the silicon should always look down.

Double hook. We measure the distance where the hooks should come out. We pass one end of the back of the silicone to the tip (the place of connection) of the two hooks. And then gently, so as not to tear the silicone to enter the junction of the two hooks along the back of the bait. The ring fastener should come out from behind the mouth of the artificial fish. This is a very strong attachment.

Offset hook. At a short distance pierce the hook. Then pierce the stinger across the fish by the length of the hook. In doing so, its sharp part will be barely visible.




Alex – ProFisherman Staff answered 2 years ago
A lead-laden offset hook is the best solution for fitting silicon bait. The sting of the hook is hidden inside the body of the bait and therefore clings less to obstacles in the water. The hook is hidden inside the body of the bait, so it clings less to obstacles in the water. Due to the weight, the bait glides perfectly on the bottom.


Carlos answered 2 years ago
It is necessary to supplement the mounting of the tackle with a sinker with a special attachment and a ring. This will improve the long-range throw of the silicone bait and additionally bring the bait to the bottom, which will cause more interest for the fish.


Alex – ProFisherman Staff answered 2 years ago
My advice. Here is the strongest and most comfortable assembly of silicon and offset hook and plus a shallow screw. This construction holds soft bait more firmly and saves it from breaking, flexes easily, and therefore super catches fish.


Alex – ProFisherman Staff answered 2 years ago
At first glance, it would seem to be a matter of a couple of moves to properly hook a silicone bait. But it is worth confronting with it, and it turns out that there are enough nuances. And even ways of baiting more than one, and not two.
Hinged method of installation

This type of mounting has gained particular popularity relatively recently, as anglers have appreciated its versatility in a sense. A swivel mount is a lead weight (or brass or tungsten), with two rings, which caused anglers to call it “cheburashka”. What makes a swivel mount so good:

  • The aerodynamic performance is literally at an all-time high;
  • Equipment is possible as a single, double, and triple hook;
  • The bait can be given additional play, as it moves to the right and left in the course of the wiring;
  • It is possible to mount the bait with no hooks.


Alex – ProFisherman Staff answered 2 years ago
Carolingian method

This mounting is represented by a sinker (the shape of his bullet or “olive”), a bead that does not give the knot to break and organizes the vibrations of sound, as well as a swivel and leader with a hook. Such rigging is hunted in “deaf” zones, and on clean areas. If fishing is to be on the clear bottom, the hook sting remains open, if in the “deaf” – unhooked on the offset is used.


Alex – ProFisherman Staff answered 2 years ago
The following tips will help you get a good catch:
When mounting a rig with silicone bait, you should try to keep the hook exactly in the center of the rig. This will help keep it in balance when wiring and not cling to snags when tossing.
Experienced fishermen recommend storing silicone fish in plastic or silicone bags, ideally with a zip-lock.
Going on a fishing trip, you should take several baits of the same species, as the fish can spoil a single specimen, and the fishing trip is over.
Active fish is better to catch on twisters and Vibro-tails, and for the passive preferred worms or slugs.
In order for the fisherman to return from fishing with a rich catch, he needs not only the skill, skill, and good choice of place, but also good gear with different types of baits. In turn, the correct mounting of silicone baits on different types of hooks will ensure a smaller number of hooks on underwater obstacles and a higher percentage of fish hooking.

Alex – ProFisherman Staff answered 2 years ago
Hooks for silicone baits
In addition to the fact that for successful fishing to choose the right proportions of hook and bait size, there are other nuances of the selection of these accessories for fishing. An important criterion for successful bookings is the sharpness of the hook, through which most of the hooks are hooked.
In most cases, for catching predatory fish offset hook is used. It is also ideal as an unhooked hook in dense thickets and snags.
How to choose a hook for silicone bait
A special consideration when choosing a hook for silicone bait is the height of the bend. A shallow hook bend is not suitable for silicone accessories, as they will not shift/deflect on a bite, resulting in little or no hook hooking.
When sizing the bait, it is imperative that the hook comes out in the middle of the bait when it is baited. If this ratio is violated, either the movement of the bait is restricted or the silicon is spoiled by the fish.
Keep in mind that the size of the bait has nothing to do with the size of the prey, as predators can rush to all moving objects in the water – both small and large.
Hook size for silicone baits
Choosing a hook size for fishing is considered the most difficult issue for beginners. You can be guided by the following ratios:
For a bait with a length of 5 cm – 1.
For baits 7.5-8 cm – #2/0.
For baits 10 cm long – #3/0 or 4/0.
For big baits for pike over 10 cm – #5/0

Wilson answered 2 years ago
Fitting silicone baits with a triple hook
Mounting on a triple hook seems more complicated than offset or double. The easiest way can be called skipping a piece of thin wire through the body of the bait so that it comes out at the tail end, and it was attached to the swivel with a triple hook.
A more complex method of mounting is carried out as follows:

  • With the help of a short tube with a diameter of no more than 5 mm and a length of 2 cm, a hole is made in the side of the bait.
  • To the place of the hole is attached a tee so that its ear protruded from the head part.
  • Then one of the hooks of the tee is dragged through the hole so that it is on one side. On the other side also remains one of the hooks, and the third is pierced from the inside of the bait.
  • The ear of the tee is attached to the ear of the #cheburashka# or to the ring of the jig head.

How to attach a triple hook to a silicone fish
Equipping the classic installation with a triple hook is considered the easiest way to increase its mobility. This method reduces the number of fish trips and increases the efficiency of fishing, which is especially useful to know for beginners spinning, although mounting it is difficult for beginners:

  1. Insert the swivel from the bottom, pre-marking the place of connection of the jig head and swivel.
  2. Place the jig head hook through the front towards the back.
  3. Thread the hook of the jig head through the ring of the swivel. A small drop of glue will prevent a possible tear.

Another way to attach the tee can be called its connection to the jig head with a metal leash. In such a design, you can attach even two or more tees, placing them on the side, bottom, or top of the bait.