Fishing QuestionsCategory: Catch Fishing FAQHow to fish Shimano lucanus jig?
Lelekyanc asked 2 years ago

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Alex – ProFisherman Staff answered 2 years ago

Shimano Lucanus Jigs: Deadly Fishing

There are basically three ways to fish the Lucanus jig, and when you look at the back of the jig, you’ll find two holes to tie to. With the regular rigging method, just tie it right to the top of the fixture and let the fixture drop right to the bottom. This method is good for slow currents and fishing in shallow water up to 200 feet. You can fish any size jig with this basic jig.

When the current is very fast or you want to fish deeper than 200 feet, you should use both loops and outfit the Lucanus pilker with an additional weight. You will need smaller bait, so 60- to 80-gram pilkers will be the right choice.

A third hybrid method uses a combination of two Lucanus jigs, also one large one on the bottom and a smaller one seven or eight feet up the line is possible. It is important to check local regulations regarding the number of hooks allowed. For example, using this third method is illegal in California, where only two hooks are allowed.

Shimano Lucanus Jigs

Bernard answered 2 years ago

The Lucanus Jig is easy to cast with 3 to 7 ounces. by weight, depending on the size of the lure, this lure is easy to cast from both above and below. In most cases, throwing range outside the boat is not the biggest problem, and placing the lure away from the boat in the right direction is easy to do with an underhand throw. It’s a good idea to learn how to cast from under the arm in close quarters, as this is the bait you are likely to use on the party boat.

Once the Lucanus jig reaches the bottom, you will want to start reeling slowly, and I mean slower. The slower you fish the Lucanus pilker, the more fish you will catch, not necessarily because you will get more bites, but because you will catch more fish that actually bite. Give the fish a chance to get hooked on the little hooks. At first it was hard to keep from spinning once I felt the first few clicks at the end of the line, but I found that many fish were just checking the skirts, when a fish does get hooked, you will see and feel the load on the rod. If no fish are caught on a Lucanus pilker for a while, move the lure up through the water column about ten feet and drop it back down again, this will usually get enough attention to get a few bites.

During our tests, Lucanus jigs worked as well or even better than traditional tackle, probably because it was something the fish hadn’t seen before, but also because we spent more time working the jig and less time on the hook. Because the Lucanus jig hooks are so small and somewhat protected by the skirt, the bait gets hooked much less than traditional rods and diamondbacks with triple hooks on the bottom.

Carlos answered 2 years ago

Each fisherman has his own technique for fishing on the jig. It depends on the design and quality of the spinning rod and the personal skills of the hunter. Watch the video, which explains in detail what and how.

Wilson answered 2 years ago
Shimano Lucanus jig fishing is a popular technique for catching striped bass, largemouth bass, and other predatory fish. To fish a Shimano lucanus jig, you’ll need:

1. A Shimano Lucanus Jig

2. A spin-cast or baitcasting reel

3. 10-15 pound monofilament line

4. 6-12 pound fluorocarbon leader

5. 1/0-3/0 circle hook

6. Soft plastic baits in earth tones (brown, green, pumpkinseed)

7. Baitcasting rod rated for 12-25 pound test line

8. Boat or pier with a casting platform

The best way to fish a Shimano Lucanus Jig is with a slow, steady retrieve. Cast the jig out and let it sink to the bottom. Once it hits the bottom, start reeling in at a rate of about one foot per second. As you reel, the jig will hop along the bottom, imitating a wounded baitfish.

Martin Staff answered 2 years ago
Shimano Lucanus jigging is a popular technique for catching offshore fish like red snapper, grouper, and amberjack. The key to success with this method is to use the right equipment and to master the proper techniques.

First, you’ll need a good rod and reel for jigging. A 7-foot medium-heavy or heavy rod matched with a high-speed reel (such as Shimano’s Stella) is ideal. Next, you’ll need some quality lures. Shimano’s Lucanus jigs are designed specifically for this type of fishing and are available in several sizes and colors.

Once you have your gear ready, it’s time to start learning the techniques. Jigging involves using short, quick motions to raise and lower your lure in the water. This action imitates the movements of a wounded baitfish, which is often what attracts predators.

When fishing with a Shimano Lucanus jig, start by casting out and letting the jig sink to the bottom. Once it hits bottom, begin reeling in at a rate of about one foot per second. As you reel, the jig will hop along the bottom. When a fish strikes, reel in quickly to set the hook.

With this fishing method, it’s important to use the right equipment and master the proper techniques. By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to success when fishing with a Shimano Lucanus jig.

Happy fishing!

David answered 2 years ago
Shimano lucanus jigging is a popular technique for catching offshore fish like red snapper, grouper, kingfish, and cobia. Here are some tips on how to do it:

1. Choose the right rod and reel – For Shimano Lucanus jigging, you’ll need a heavy-duty rod and reel with a fast retrieve rate. A 6’6″ or 7′ rod will work well, and you’ll need at least a 30-size reel.

2. Use the right bait – Shimano Lucanus jigs are designed to resemble prey fish like menhaden or mullet. You can use natural bait like live bait or cut bait, or you can use artificial lures.