Fishing QuestionsCategory: Shimano FAQHow much does Shimano fishing charge repair per hour?
Xiamasi VR asked 2 years ago

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Martin Staff answered 2 years ago
As far as I know, Shimano doesn’t set a price per hour of work. This is due to the varying complexity of the work, different defects, and specific products, there is no standard. I am publishing to you the prices of an authorized Shimano dealer for typical operations. Knowing the value of these prices will help you understand and make the right decision. Good luck with your fishing!
We are a Warranty center for Shimano and Daiwa fishing reels.

Minimum labor starting at:

  • $20.00 for all basic reels
  • $25.00 for all saltwater trolling reels
  • $30.00 for all two-speed reels

    SINGLE SPEED CONVENTIONALS: (Shimano TLD) starts at $42.80
    Single Speed Penn Internationals, Shimano Trinidad, Shimano Calais, Daiwa Saltist, and Daiwa start at $45.80
    SPECIALTY REELS: ​All Two Speed Reels & Shimano Stella start at $60.80
    DOWN RIGGERS: $45.00/Hr and estimates will be given before work is done.


  1. Tips are $7.00 plus the cost of the tip.
  2. Guides: $13.00 plus the cost of a guide.
  3. Handle replacement: Labor starts at $15.00 plus materials.
  4. Reel Seat Replacement: Labor starts at $ 20.00 plus materials.
  5. All broken rods need to be put back together starting at $20.00
  6. Ferrules: $20.00 plus materials.
  7. Writing on rods: $1.00/word or $20.00
  8. Decorative Wraps: Estimates will be given.
  9. Gimbels: $15.00 plus cost of Gimbel
  10. Unibutts: $20.00 plus the cost of Unibutt

Alex – ProFisherman Staff answered 2 years ago
Shimano does not release that information. However, most repair shops charge a minimum of $50 per hour. Some higher-end shops may charge more.

Bernard answered 2 years ago
Shimano fishing does not disclose repair rates to the public. However, most authorized dealers offer a fee per hour for repairs. It is best to contact your local dealer for more information. Thank you for your question! Useful link –

Carlos answered 2 years ago
Shimano does not publish or disclose this information. Most fishing reel and rod manufacturers do not charge by the hour for repairs, but rather have a set price for most repairs. For example, Bass Pro Shops charges a $10 flat fee for repairs on any reel and does not charge by the hour.

David answered 2 years ago
Shimano fishing charges a $60 flat fee for repairs, plus the cost of any parts that may be necessary. If the repair is determined to be the result of Shimano’s manufacturing process, then there is no charge for labor. However, if the repair is due to abuse or neglect on the part of the customer, then there will be a charge for labor.

Wilson answered 2 years ago
Shimano does not charge for repair per hour. We have a set price for the most common repairs. If your repair is more difficult or requires special parts, we may need to provide you with an estimate before beginning the work.