Fishing QuestionsCategory: Downrigger FAQHow heavy downrigger weight?
Arellaziy X asked 2 years ago
What size downrigger weight should use?

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Bernard answered 2 years ago
It depends on a few factors, including the type of fishing you’re doing and the depth at which you’re fishing. In general, though, downrigger weights typically range from 1-20 pounds.

8-12 pound weights are common for most fishing applications. Heavier weights may be necessary for deep sea fishing or if you’re targeting large fish.

Alex – ProFisherman Staff answered 2 years ago
How heavy of a downrigger weight do you need? The answer to this question depends on the type of fish you’re targeting, the structure you’re fishing around, and the speed at which you want to troll.

For most general trolling applications, 10-12 pounds will do just fine. For targeting bigger gamefish like salmon or musky, you’ll likely want to bump up to 15-20 pounds or even more. When fishing around thick structures like weeds or brush, heavier weight can help keep your line from getting snagged.

As for speed, a slower troll (1.5-2 mph) calls for a heavier weight than a faster troll (3-4 mph). This is because the faster you’re moving, the more drag is created on your line, requiring a heavier weight to keep it in the strike zone.

Ultimately, it’s best to experiment with different weights and speeds until you find what works best for you and the fish you’re after. Happy fishing!

Martin Staff answered 2 years ago
The weight of a downrigger is important for getting the bait or lure to the desired depth. In general, you want enough weight to keep the line taut but not so much that it hampers the natural movement of the bait.

There is no definitive answer to this question since it will vary depending on factors such as water depth, speed, and wind conditions. As a general rule, however, you’ll need more weight in deeper water and less weight in shallower water. And always adjust your weight depending on prevailing conditions.

Wilson answered 2 years ago
The weight of the downrigger should be enough to keep the bait at a desired depth, but not so heavy that it pulls the boat off course.

Carlos answered 2 years ago
It depends on the depth of the water and the weight of the fish you’re targeting. For example, in 60 feet of water, you might need a 10-pound downrigger weight to get your bait deep enough. But if you’re targeting a big fish like a salmon, you might need a 20- or 30-pound weight to get down to where they are.

Ultimately, it’s best to start with a lightweight and increase it until you’re getting bites from the fish you’re targeting. Keep in mind that you don’t want your bait bouncing along the bottom; it should be moving slowly and steadily through the water. So use enough weight to get it there but not so much that it’s bouncing around all over the place.

David answered 2 years ago
The downrigger weight should be heavy enough to maintain depth but not so heavy that it pulls the line out of the water.

Ideally, you want to use a weight that is about one-third of the total weight of your gear. For example, if you’re using a 10-pound anchor and a six-pound lead ball as your weight, you would use a three-pound weight on your downrigger.