Fishing QuestionsCategory: Fishing Line FAQDoes braided line spook fish?
Dwight Peck asked 1 year ago

6 Answers
David answered 1 year ago
It depends. Some people believe that the vibration of the line passing through the water is what spooks fish, while others believe that it’s the unnatural appearance of a braided line that makes them suspicious.

In my experience, it really depends on how well you can conceal the line and how natural your presentation looks. If you’re fishing in open water where there’s no cover to conceal your bait or line, then a braided line may spook fish more than a monofilament line.

However, if you’re fishing in heavily-vegetated areas or around structures, I’ve had better luck using braided lines because they’re less visible than monofilament lines.

Martin Staff answered 1 year ago
There is some evidence that indicates that braided lines can spook fish, although research in this area is still inconclusive. Some anglers believe that the vibrations caused by the braided line can send negative signals to the fish, scaring them away.

However, other anglers believe that the color of the braided line (which is often black) may be more visible underwater and scare fish away from the bait or lure. At this time, there is no definitive answer as to whether or not braided line spooks fish.

Alex – ProFisherman Staff answered 1 year ago
It depends on how you fish with it. If you make long, sweeping casts with your braided line, then yes, the fish will probably spook. But if you use a light touch and make short, delicate presentations with your braided line, the fish won’t be spooked.

A braided line is great for finesse fishing because it has a smaller diameter than a monofilament line and it’s less visible in the water. And since it doesn’t stretch like monofilament line does, you can feel every nibble from the fish. So if you’re looking for something that will help you catch more fish, then I recommend using a braided line.

Bernard answered 1 year ago
There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on the situation and the species of fish being targeted. In general, a braided line does not spook as easily as monofilament line, so it is a good choice for fishing in heavily-fished areas or for shy fish. However, if you are targeting particularly skittish fish, it may be best to use a monofilament line to avoid scaring them off.

Carlos answered 1 year ago
There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on the circumstance in which the braided line is used.

Some anglers believe that the braided line spooks fish because it makes a lot of noise as it moves through the water, while others claim that the fish can’t see the line as well as they can see the monofilament line and thus are less likely to be spooked.

In my experience, I’ve had both good and bad luck with braided lines depending on the situation. What matters most is how you use it and how confident you are with presenting your bait in a way that won’t scare the fish away.

Wilson answered 1 year ago
Yes, a braided line can spook fish. Braided line has a different feel and sound in the water than monofilament line, and this difference can cause fish to become spooked. Some anglers believe that braided line also produces more visible flash in the water, which can also spook fish.

Many anglers prefer to use a monofilament line because it is less visible and has a quieter feel in the water than braided line. However, monofilament line is also less durable than a braided line and can break more easily. So it’s up to each angler to decide what type of line they prefer to use.